In English, Oulu Arts Night, Thursday 16.8.2018

Bring Your skill and talent to Oulu Arts Night 2018!

Oulu Arts Night - Oulun taiteiden yö presents people with the variety of cultural activities going on in Oulu region. Taking place on Thursday 16th of August 2018, the event invites everyone to bring their music, poetry, theatre, art or any kind of performance to be on show.

So, if You have a band or play solo, if You have a dance act or a theatre piece, if You write and wish Your voice to be heard, do not hesitate to contact us. In Oulu Arts Night, we welcome professional artists and amateurs alike, to celebrate the city's vibrant cultural scene.

Our aim is to make Oulu, and especially the downtown area, a place where everyone can feel like home and where arts and culture are at easy reach. That is why almost all the events and performances during Arts Night are free of charge. A number of events also take place outside, in parks like Hupisaaret and Mannerheiminpuisto, so You can just come and go as You wish, from one thing to the next. Also, the Art Museum, the Museum of Cultural History, City Library and the art galleries will be open late.

Previous years have seen events ranging from classical music to harcore punk rock aerobics, from poetry slam to interactive computer art, from zen meditation classes to comics workshops and more. So, even if You don't feel like performing Yourself, there will be activities and performances worth coming to see.
If You wish to have Your act included in the Oulun juhlaviikot (Oulu August Festival) printed programme, get in touch no later than July 26th. Submissions missing that deadline will be published and marketed on the website and posters.

You can also just turn up during the Arts Night and produce a spontaneous performance.

Just e-mail us at ouluntaiteidenyo (a) with the following information:

1. Name of event:

2. Location:

3. Time:

4. Organiser(s):

5. Short description:

6. Entry fee (if any):

7a. Contact person:
7b. Phone:
7c. Email:

8. Demographic (choose applicable):
a) All ages
b) Family event
c) Children and/or young people
d) K 15
e) K 18

Paavo J. Heinonen
Artistic Director, Oulun taiteiden yö ry
044 250 1605


Oulu Arts' Night, Thursday August 17th, 2017

Symbol explanations: E = easy entry, WC = toilet for the disabled, I = induction loop

Place numbers refer to the map in the printed programme (publised with Forum24 paper on August 15th), which can also be downloaded here >>
Places without a number did enter their event only after the advertised deadline, and are not included in the printed programme.

Free entry, unless stated otherwise. K18! marking where you need to be 18 years old, some events with age suggestion 15 (K15). Many of the events taking place outside might be cancelled if it rains, even if it is not mentioned in the programme. Event organisers answer for their own events, Oulun taiteiden yö ry waives responsibility for any changes not announced here.


1. Taito Shop Maakari
Rautatienkatu 11 B

18.00–22.00 Macramania! Make your own necklace, bracelet or earrings in popular macramé technique. Material costs 5 €. Workshop 18–21, Café Hanna and shop open till 22.


2. Railway pedestrian tunnel
Hallituskatu XXX

18.00 Rhythm Tunnel 2017. Percussion jam – bring your own instruments, anything from buckets to drum kits!


3. Snooker Time (K18!)
Asemakatu 28

16.00–02.00 Tanja Karjalainen: Photogenic DARK | LIGHT Mind. Photography exhibition.

19.00–19.45 Cartoonists on Tour: Veli-Matti Ural, Aapo Kukko. Caricatures and other drawings, made to order or just because. Continues in Café KULuMA.

23.00–23.45 Jalot Pojat – Writings on the Toilet Wall. In Finnish. Jalot Pojat (Noble Boys) perform texts from Snooker Time toilet walls. Music for anyone who has had to take a wee in Snoo.


4. Gallery kajaste Kajaaninkatu
Kajaaninkatu 25

18.00–20.00 Hiekkaan merkitty / Marked in Sand. Exhibition, poetry and music. Oulu artist and poet Anne Rintala reads her own poetry and exhibits her artwork, music provided on a classical guitar by Aaro Tamminen.


5. Åström Park
Mannenkatu 1

12.00–22.00 Data Cloud. The students of Oulu School of Architecture design and realize a work with balloons in the pedestrian path crossing. Thousands of white balloons recreate the number of people visiting the Åström Park on an earlier date. Hear more about the project!

17.00–21.00 Greenpeace Oulu: Faces for Forest. Campaign for the Northern forests!

18.00–21.00 Vuolle-posse making art! Join the teachers and students of Vuolle school for a night of entertainment! From our curriculum, we present music, arts and crafts, sports, well-being and dance. VARES network presents the possibilities in voluntary work; a way to volunteer can be found to everyone individually.

All are welcome to participate in our community art work, in popup choirs,  family music playschool, drumming, park asahi and making giant soap bubbles.


6. Tuba – Food and lounge
Mannenkatu 2

18.30–19.00 Hilmar Garðarsson. Icelandic singer-songwriter, whose 2014 album Pleased To Leave You you can listen to on Hilmar’s Myspace page.

19.00–20.00 Uniikki Unikorni: Improshow. In Finnish. Improv theatre by almost veteran Oulu troupe.

20.00–20.30 Surasith. Psychedelic acoustic.

20.30–21.00 Jason Dickson. Scottish singer-songwriter / troubadour.

21.30–22.30 Traumaryhmä. Girl group filled with Puolanka pessimism. In Finnish.



7. Prunni Square
Mannenkatu 2 / Kasarmintie 1

16.00–20.00 Underground Moves Hit the Streets! Underground Moves brings street dance to where it belongs. Open dance jams com in twos, first 16–18 styles are hiphop and break, later 18–20 street salsa, reggaeton and salsa rueda. Rueda is salsa danced in a circle, but the stress will be on free jamming.


8. Voimala 1889
Kasarmintie 1

Voimala 1889 Arts’ Night.

18.00–01.00 Exhibition: Lastulevyhyppääjä. Paintings by Jussi Hukkanen

18.00–19.15 Performance: The Washers. Group performance; a communal cleansing ritual based on the reality of those fallen ill due to bad quality of air in buildings. Performance blocks are washing and reading texts connected to objects. Interactional performance gives a possibility of cleaning and cleansing on a concrete but also on a symbolic and a level of thought. Open for all, who wish to bring an object or a thing to be washed. The Washers is part of the project “The Things I Trust” started in 2014 by the artist Irja Luostarinen.

19.30–20.00 Puskakollektiivi: Hyperbola Animals. Puskakollektiivi is a theatre troupe of eight young thespians from Jyväskylä, making theatre with a DIY spirit. Hyperbola Animals is a psychological comedy about you, me and anyone, as well as all that is usually left untold.

20.00–20.45 Sampo Salmela solo. Salmela’s own songs with Finnish classics (Apulanta, Tehosekoitin, Yö etc.). In Finnish.

21.00–21.45 Uniikki Unikorni: Erittäin salainen (“Top Secret”). In Finnish. An improve theatre performance with script so secret, not even the actors know what will be brought into daylight on stage.

22.00–22.45 Krista Maarit solo. Beautiful, dreamlike melodies.

23.00–23.45 Hulentka. Frail, wild, lyrically considered but also humorous music. “Something totally different!”

00.00–01.00 DJ Pappa Wolf. Dance, people, dance!


9. Oulu Museum of Art
Kasarmintie 7

10.00–22.00 Free entry all day long. Exhibitions: Splice; Story of Finnish Art; Hugo Simberg – a Finnish Elegy.

18.00–22.00 Workshop “Hanging It”. You can create your own hangable textile work out of yarn, string, beads, stones etc. For adults and children.

19.00 Guided Tour to Museum Exhibitions. In Finnish, Elina Vieru presenting.


10. Oulu Museum of Art Backyard

17.30–18.30 Sound performance Sonic Wild Code by Antye Greie (AGF). Antye Greie is a German-Finnish musician, vocalist, songwriter, poet, producer, digital artist and curator living in Hailuoto. In her performance she transforms her poems into electronic music and digital media. Greie is also the founder and artistic director of Hai Art organisation. In case of bad weather will take place inside the art museum, on the first floor.

20.00 Farewell concert spectacle by Impivaara. Finnish lyrics, mostly. An eclectic Oulu group with a cult following.

11. Hupisaaret park
The grass field behind Oulu Museum of Art

16.00–20.00 Masks, stories and living art. Performances at 5, 6 and 7 PM; in between different kinds of happening, creation and storytelling. Performing arts group Juurakko is producing a fall premiere based on life stories. For Oulu Arts’ Night, Juurakko creates a meeting point where everyone is welcome to tell and write their stories or see and listen to others’. Juurakko is Marianne Lukkarinen, Päivi Rautiainen, Eija Kortetjärvi, Anne Nurmi and Eeva Huuhtanen.


12. Hupisaaret park
Green near the gazebo

19.00–21.00 Haarahyppy – Creative Dance. Dance Theatre Haarahyppy gives joy of creative dance to all sizes, shapes and ages. Be brave and participate!


13. Ainola Park
Kiikkusaari / Kiikku Island, Hupisaaret park

17.00–22.00 Sydänvarjomatka / Heart Shadow Journey. The exhibition/event by the art group Lyhdynkantajat (“Bearers of the Light”) tells of inner experiential world, sorrow, pain, angst. When a person goes to the edge, but returns to see all the colours, more beautiful and brighter than ever before; colours that did not even exist for their seer, when everything seemed black and white…


14. Alakööki
Ainola park, Kiikku Island, Hupisaaret park

13.00–15.00 Soiva Siili Jukebox. The children’s music duo playing, probably outside with the sun!


15. Paradise Island
Hupisaaret park

21.00–23.00 Live Painting by Soma Kerttu. Flow paintings inspired by the surroundings, people, voices, noises…


16. The Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia
Ainola Park

10.00–22.00 Free Entry to the Museum. Outside Art in Handicraft; Finland 100 and Medals; Story of the North; Dog Hill.

17.00–19.00 Workshop: Be Silly, Make a Bobble.

17.00–20.00 Café Hanna Å. In front of the Museum. Selling coffees, teas and melon-ginger drink.

Pop Up Violin Moments. During the evening, violinist Anna-Lydia Kopperoinen playing.


17. Behind the Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia
Ainola park

17.00–24.00 LaavU Free Open Air #4. Free for all, child friendly park event with local artists playing electronic rave music. Line-up: Monorok (Sphere Records), Jahe (LaavU), Andy F (LaavU / HUG Oulu), Koponen (LaavU), Wazu Weissenfelt (LaavU / HUG Oulu), Vortex (Oulu UG). Decoration by LaavU / HUG Oulu.


18. Lammassaari (“Isle of Sheep”)

12.00 Official Opening of Oulu Arts’ Night. The Artistic Director Paavo J. Heinonen says a few words.

12.05 Publication of Kaltio 4/2017. Something from the magazine read out.

18.00–21.00 BigBonFire. (“IsoNuotio”) The best thing in the darkening evening is BigBonFire! Evening bonfire open for all, celebrating the centenary of Oulu Scouts. Action all night on several action spots; make music, test your balance, basket climb, enjoy the scouting corner. Ceremonial Bonfire Lighting at 6 PM.


19. Tähtitorni Café
Linnansaari 1

The Tower:

11.00–02.00 Art Exhibition by Juho Alamikkelä.

The Terrace:

17.00 Soiva Siili. Children’s music with Finnish lyrics.

18.15–20.30 Three Book Launches and One Record. Published by Nispero Kustannus.

Keisarin varjo, a novel by Kari Sallamaa; Ursula, a collection of poetry by Eero Suvilehto; Valo murtautuu kynnen alta is a collection of poetry by Vesa Lahti; and Huurrehelmet is the second studio album of Heikki Hallanoro. In Finnish.

20.45 The Skandinistas. Charismatic three man duo play ska/rocksteady/reggea acoustic.

20.45 Olavi Korpi. Skandinistas have cancelled, we apologise!

21.45–22.30 Do Not Murder Books! A musical salvage operation of Motelli, a novel by Jarmo Stoor, backed by the group Latistajat: vocals by Jarmo Stoor, music Heikki Hallanoro. The hardback original copies of the novel, instead of becoming maculature, are handed out to the audience.

22.45–23.30 Jukka Takalo with His Incredible Band.

23.45–00.30 Rommakko. A folk group from Oulu. Music.

00.45–01.30 Mesikämmenet. Big boys’ songs. Rude music in Finnish.

The Cellar:

17.45–18.15 Pyrstötähdet. The choir sing eg. poetry of Ilpo Tiihonen and a tango by Unto Mononen. Finnish lyrics.

20.30–21.00 Reformation. A Tragedy. K18! Reformation 500 years. Avantgarde-anarchistic interpretation of the kernel of the Reformation, inspired by Greek tragedy. In Finnish.

21.15 Noitavasara (“Malleus Maleficarum”). A preview of Oulu Student Theatre production premiering in 2018, a sneak peek into themes and visual look of the play.



20. Western point in Toivoniemi

18.00–20.00 Toivottomat (“The Hopeless”) – two-bedroom collage works. Endearingly hopeful habitational vistas assembled out of eg. wads of cash, coffee beans and crushed CD’s by Tiina Molander, with simultaneous translated texts by Tessa Astre.


21. Backyard Sculpture Park
Pikisaarentie 7 B 1

12.00–22.00 Sculptures by Riitta Helevä.


22. Pikisaari Old Wool Factory Ateliers
Pikisaarentie 17

15.00–22.00 Open Doors to Ateliers. The artists Sakari Matinlauri, Lauri Rankka, and Veikko Törmänen open their ateliers for public viewing.

18.00–19.30 & 21.30–23.00 The Corridoors Sound Factory. Come and go as You please. The Corridoors of Sound Collective brings a happening to Pikisaari Vanha Villatehdas (2nd floor) – a special collaboration of sound artists, indie musicians, classical musicians, visual artists, and performance artists – an arts’ night ”avant garde improvisation” concert drama! corridors-of-sound


23. Gallery Harmaja
Pikisaarentie 17

12.00–22.00 Paintings by Vaula Valpola.

20.00 and 21.00 “Valokeilassa Pikisaari”. “Pikisaari Isle in Limelight”: Pecha Kucha performances by Northern Finland’s Architects SAFA. In Finnish.


24. Designtori / Design Market
Pikisaarentie 13, Od Wool Factory and the Yellow House

15.00–22.00 Design Market. A fresh spread of Finnish design and crafts. Open also on Friday August 18th (14–20). PROTO – Northern Finnish Designers. From 3 to 6 PM arts and crafts workshops run by OSAO Pikisaari students; a small fee for materials.


25. Vänmanninsaari
The green behind City theatre

22.30–23.30 Onségen Ensemble. Arts’ Night spectacle.


26. Oulu City Theatre
Kaarlenväylä 2

15.00–18.00 Theatre Wardrobe Flea Market. Downstairs lobby.

17.00 Open Model Meeting for Rautatie. Main stage, in Finnish.

18.00 Open Rehearsal: Rautatie. Main stage, You need to collect the free tickets from theatre sales desk. In Finnish.

19.00 Music in Pikisali. Tasters from this fall period’s concerts Nosta lippu salkoon and Nainen – aina parhaassa iässä. With Merja Larivaara, Janne Raudaskoski and a five piece orchestra

19.00 Ilosia aikoja, Mielensäpahoittaja. Small stage. Preview performance, in Finnish tickets 15,00–29,50 €.

22.00 Pop Up Outdoor Dance Hall in front of Theatre. Welcome to learn new folk dances! Participants receive a voucher!


27. Oulu City Library
Kaarlenväylä 3

17.00–22.00 #kirjastoklubi / #libraryclub. 17.00–17.30 Mikko Mäkitalo #Ambient, 18.30–19.00 Oulun Ylioppilasteatterin improryhmä Ulla&Bori, 19.30–20.00 EHKÄ, 21.00–22.00 The Aeon. Tintamaresque photography: take a portrait in a Man in the Moon background inspired by early 20th century postcards.

Pakkala hall:

17.00 Camilla Mickwitz animations for kids. In Finnish, 60 minutes. Emilia ja kaksoset, 1981, 16 min. Emilia ja onni, 1980, 16 min. Mimosa, 1983, 27 min.

18.30–19.30 Short Films about Oulu.

Lending section, 2nd floor:

17.00–22.00 Removal Book Sale. 1 euro apiece.

Music section, 3rd floor:

19.45–20.30 The Best of Barock C&B. Music of Bach & Corelli on a Baroque violin with its continuos.  Johanna Leponiemi Baroque violin, Riina Salminen Baroque cello, Laura Heikkilä cembalo.

Provincial collection room, 3rd floor:

17.00–22.00 Amiga Arcade. Retro gaming on classic Amigas. With Suomen Amiga-käyttäjät ry.


28. Elba
Behind Kiikeli

16.15–17.30 Stretch and Move Your Body: A moving improvisation jam workshop. A nice warm up stretch followed by Movement improvisation activities. Move slow or move fast or become a statue. Move like a snake, ballerina, breakdancer, or robot. Sweat, smile, and dance your heart out! Donations welcome. A. H. Dance organising.

05.00–05.45 (pe) Finnegan's Wake – the last paragraph. Paavo J. Heinonen reads the final, 9-page long paragraph from James Joyce’s masterwork. Please remember to listen in silence.


29. Café Makasiini

18.00–22.00 Tori Folk II. Diverse folk music from Oulu Folk ry.
19.00 Doggone Trio
20.00 Höyhtyän Herkät
21.00 Kammarit
22.00 Floodflowers.


30. Keltainen aitta (“Yellow storehouse”)

18.00–21.00 Olli PA & DJ Pinosto @ Keltainen aitta. Music on the patio; three sets by Olli PA with DJ Pinosto filling the gaps.


31. Petrellin Saluuna (K18!)
Rantakatu 4

20.30 Irish Music Session. Join us for an evening of live traditional Irish music with local and visiting musicians. Bring your friends, lace up your shoes and get ready for an evening of lively traditional Irish music in celebration of Night of the Arts.


32. Game Campus Courtyard
Entrance on Rantakatu 3

18.00–20.00 Super Epic Metal Spectacle of Desyion and Balance. Two young metal bands from Oulu.


33. Game Campus side gate
Pakkahuoneenkatu 3

15.00–21.00 Lempeä Kontio art exhibit and sale, with a mini cyanotype workshop. Cyanotype prints, collage works and paintings by Pirjo Lempeä and Riikka Kontio, also in cards, jewellery and art magnets. Mini cyanotype workshop in the campus yard, 10 € material fees.


34. Non Boutique
Pakkahuoneenkatu 5

21.00–22.00 Mäntylä&Pirttisalo: Tarvitseeko tätä edes nimetä? ”Do we even have to name this?” An improvises performance in the display windows, built around topical issues and realised by eg. light, shadows, movement, cellotape and still images.


35. Kolo lounge (E
Pakkahuoneenkatu 5

12.00–24.00 Sonja Keränen: Join The Flow. Paintings; the artist presents the exhibit at 6 PM.

17.00–17.45 Cartoonists on Terraces: Aapo Kukko, Ville Ranta, Tessa Astre. Caricatures and other drawings, made to order or just for fun.

19.00 Kaksi varttia Wacklinia. ”Half hour of Wacklin”. Reading aloud of Sara Wacklin’s classic work ”Satanen muistelmia Pohjanmaalta”. In Finnish. Pia Kaitasuo and Paavo J. Heinonen reading; suggest follow-up places! Inside.

19.30 Taru Hallikainen: Armon kintereillä. Book reading, in Finnish.

20.15 Kauniskangas. A Finnish Gothic duo of Eeva-Maria Kauniskangas (vocals) and Riku-Pekka Miettunen (guitar) romantisizing misery with sometimes tongue in cheek, or at least making it tolerable.

22.00–23.00 Kadonnut Manner. Man and a guitar. On the terrace.


36. Galleria 5
Hallituskatu 5

12.00–18.00 Heli Huotala: Real and Imaginary. Paintings from the borderline.


37. ARTtila at ARTo
Hallituskatu 5

12.00–18.00 Esa Leskelä: Paintings.


38. Cultural House Valve
Hallituskatu 7


15.00–23.00 Oulu Arts’ Night Info. We help.

Valve big hall:

19.00 Chamber group Valkoinen Delfiini: Solo flutes & ballet dancer. Programme 7 €.
Tiina Nikander-Koivukangas, flute: M. Gräsbeck, Astarte op. 104 bis; T. Teirilä, Pohjoinen valo (ke.);   E. Varése, Density 21.5.
Angelika Nikander, ballet solo: M. Gräsbeck, Konsertto Oboe d’amorelle op. 100 1. ja 2. Osa.
Pia Vilermo, flute: T. Friberg, Conversations with a candle; P. Lamb, Reflections; A. Pitkänen, Satu.

21.00 OMVF presents: Golden Pumpeli awarded videos 2007–2016. The music videos that have won the award for the best music video at Oulu Music Video Festivals of the past ten years shown back to back.

Konst o. deli café stage:

15.30 Oulun Alppihiihtäjät – acoustic concert. Juho Rekilä’s compositions performed by Johanna Laurila and Juho Rekilä.

16.30 Olavi Korpi.

17.15 Suzuki School Oktaavia. Around 20 young pupils perform for about 15 minutes.

18.00 Saaga Sees.

19.00 Book Launch: Ystävähelmi. In Finnish. Author Harri Holtinkoski interviewed by Heidi Haataja.

20.00 Otra. Original folk music rooted in Finnish tradition. Maarit Saarenkunnas (voc, composition), Jaana Herlevi-Hautala (violin, viola, voc), Heli Haapaniemi (harmonium, voc) and Lauri Marjakangas (guitar, voc).,

21.00 Hanna and Hannu in the World of Jazz. Duo with vocals and piano.

22.00 Peltokurki & MELA goes acoustic.

23.00 Nicholas Gill with his Band.

Konst o. Deli:

10.00–24.00 Kakkupapereita ja silmäpakoja. Art print exhibition by Päivi Paakinaho and Tanja Koistinen

Ojakatu lobby gallery:

10.00–24.00 Juhani Syväoja: Tornio river valley scenery. Pictures of the Month exhibition by Northern Photographic Centre.

Valve Gallery:

10.00–24.00 Sivumerkityksiä. Joint exhibit by textile and fine artists Synnöve Dickhoff, Helena Kaikkonen, Ulla Pohjola and Kaija Poijula.

17.00–19.00 Helena Kaikkonen presenting the exhibition.

Northern Photographic Centre:

10.00–24.00 Sami Parkkinen: Father and Son.

Comics gallery:

11.00–24.00 Pentti Otsamo. Exhibition by the artist originally from Oulu.

Oulu Comics Centre:

11.00–24.00 Late Opening Hours at Oulu Comics Centre and Turku Comics Shop.

12.00–20.00 Floor Cellotape Workshop. Join in ornamenting the floors of the centre with scotch tape.

14.00–24.00 Fridge Magnet Workshop. Unique magnets by local comics artists.

Studio Cinema:

19.00 The Salesman. Dir. Asghar Farhadi, Iran–France 2016, Finnish subtitles. Orig. Forushade. 125 min, K7! Tickets 7 €.

21.30 Maiden of the Tower. Independent short film; Finnish with English subtitles. Horror/drama, 30 minutes, free.

39. Madetoja park
Ojakatu embankment, Valve side:

14.00–21.00 Photo Laundry. An event where visitors exchange photographs. Northern Photographic Centre sets up some lines on the trees, where you can hang your photos. Bring one, take one!

15.00–20.00 Photo orienteering for kids. Find the spots on the map and photograph them!


40. Oulu Cathedral
Kirkkokatu 3a

20.00 –21.30 Arts’ Night Concert. Vocal music for Arts’ Night evening. Henna-Mari Sivula soprano, Lauri-Kalle Kallunki baritone, Vesa Kajava organ, Miikka Lehtoaho piano.


41. Gallery kajaste Uusikatu
Uusikatu 17

13.00–19.00 Juha Tammenpää: Art prints. Exhibition.


42. Café Makia yard
Otto Karhi park

18.00 and 18.30 Elonkorjuu dance.  Extracts from the ballet Pelto, 10 minutes apiece. Production group Tenho premieres the ballet Pelto on September 23rd. Choreography by Alexandra Tiger, directed by Alexandra Tiger and Eeva Pesonen, dancers from the adult ballet of Oulu performing arts school Lenninsiipi.

20.00–22.00 Huutomerkki Open Mic. Living poetry and word art of all kinds. Free forum for anyone who wants to read aloud their own work or their other favourites. Rap artists and Turkish phone directories aso welcome, musical accompaniment is hot shied upon. Turn up on the spot or tell ahead to Huutomerkki producer Kari Miettunen at or 050-3639259. PA provided.


43. Otto Karhi park
Near the stream:

18.00 onward: Art String. Community art by Ultramarin ry: You can bring your own contributions to the string, or create them in a workshop stle fashion on the spot.

19.30 Orivesi All Stars. Folk music from Finland and abroad.


44. Restaurant Puistola
Pakkahuoneenkatu 15

17.00–22.00 Pop Up Champagne Bar. With Pieni Muotihuone Chic and unique prints by Riikka Soininen.

17.00–20.00 Artist Riikka Soininen and Designer Outi Sulkala. Meet the makers!

18.00–22.00 DJ Yari.

Street Dance performances during the evening. Forum24 brings Finland 100 themed sleeping blankets to the Arts’ Night, too.


45. Kesäkatu / Valkea Shopping Centre
Valkea, Isokatu 22


18.30 Citydance: Children’s street dance show.

Arts’ Night:

19.00 Dance Sport Club Oulu. Competition dance couples from the very Finnish top! Also children couples; performers from European and World Championships.


46. Vanha Paloasema
Kauppurienkatu 24 A

19.00 Oulu Folk Roots Music Evening: Frosty River and Arto Louhela. After the band, we continue the evening with jamming and good food. Special menu available only on Arts’ Night.


47. Kauppurientori
Isokatu 33


17.00–20.00 Swing Dances. Dance school Matleena and Tanssitautiset.

Arts’ Night:

22.45 Summer Night’s Chamber Music. Light classical and evergreens by the string quartet of Oulu University Chamber Orchestra.


48. Rotuaari
Corner of Kirkkokatu and Kauppurienkatu, where Pukumies once resided

18.30 Groupie High School goes ART. The street rock band with the baddest reputation in Northern Scandinavia performs best covers and their number one hits. NOTHIN’ BUT A GOOD TIME!

20.00 or 20.30 (time tbc) Orivesi All Stars. Folk music from Finland and abroad.

23.20 Folk Dances: Polokkarit performing, and quadrille open for all. Polokkarit surfs the wave of Oulu folk dance boom, having fun in Oulu Arts’ Night! After the show, everyone’s invited to join the quadrille lead by Hanna Poikela. Predictions of live musicians and glowing energy abound.


49. Marketplace

14.00–22.00 National Museum Treasure Container. The tour around Finland arrives in Oulu. Reveal what is Your national treasure!

15.00–22.00 Good Pyramid – Art and Goodies. Mystically good pyramid lands in Oulu marketplace for spraining sweeties and mindboggling art works.


23.15 Fireworks. By Suomen Ilotulitus Oy.

Arts' Night:

00.00 Noitavasara (“Malleus Maleficarum”). A preview of Oulu Student Theatre production premiering in 2018, a sneak peek into themes and visual look of the play.


50. Rotuaari Stage
Rotuaari Square


17.30 Finnish Moods. Baritone Juhani Alakärppä, piano Outi Rahk.

18.00 Magician Roope Ylitalo

19.30 Oulu Star Circus performance. Inspired by Finnish nature and traditions pertaining to nature – with a whiff of Finland 100 spirit.

20.00 Taekwon-Do Academy Show

21.00 KeksiCollective Street Dance Show

22.00 Street Dance Show. Collaboration of Citydance, KeksiCollective and KatKu ry. MC Teemu Tuohimaa.


50. Loisto screen on stage

11.00–23.00 Oulu in Pictures. Images by memebers of Facebook group “Oulu tutuksi”. Onscreen exhibition from August 1 to August 31.


51. Oluthuone Leskinen
Kirkkokatu 10

17.00 Ilpo Koskela. Cartooning artist telling about his work and signing his books on the patio.

18.00–18.45 Cartoonists on Terraces: Aapo Kukko, Ville Ranta, Tessa Astre. Caricatures and other drawings, made to order or just for fun. All drawers welcome!


52. Restaurant Pannu
Kauppurienkatu 12, cellar floor

18.00–21.30 Artist Weikko Törmänen makes Card Magic.

Also street dance performances sometime in the night, closes at 22.00.


53. Jumpru Pub
Kauppurienkatu 6

20.00 Jazz concert. Heikki Ruokangas Trio. In collaboration with Oulu Music Festival.


54. Café KULuMA (K18!)
Kauppurienkatu 5

20.00–20.45 Cartoonists on Terraces: Jussi Hukkanen, Veli-Matti Ural. Caricatures and other drawings, made to order or just for fun. All drawers welcome!


55. 45 Special (K18!)
Saaristonkatu 12

23.00–04.00 Spacetruckin’. Summer Thursday club downstairs, house DJ’s play only rock and heavy music. Door charge 2,50 €.


56. Oulu House of Literature
Sepänkatu 9

18.00 Lesung, Reading Aloud Evening. In Finnish. Two authors reading their novels aloud. Inga Röning reads her Unisammakko (Tammi 2016) and Essi Kummu reads her novel Hyvästi pojat (Tammi 2017).


57. Ommaiskortteeri
Isokatu 47

17.00–21.00 Arts’ Night in Ommaiskortteeri (“House of Kin”). People in all stages of their lives are taken into consideration.

17.30 Liikkuva Laulureppu. Children’s music. In Finnish.

18.30 Matti’s youth centre disco and an Asian dance performance.

19.30 Duurisiskot (“Major Sisters”) with schlager dance.

20.30 Guy Ballet and Finlandia hymn, Finland 100 years.


58. Veturiaukio (“Locomotive Square”)
Lyötynkatu 7

18.30–20.30 Rakastan sinua elämä – Я люблю тебя, жизнь (”I love You, life”). In Finnish and Russian. A sing-along evening with good ole’ tunes, accompanied on an accordion. Quizzing and some tea. Bring your own seats/pillows!


59. Oulu orthodox cathedral
Torikatu 74

10.00–22.00 Open Doors.

13.00 Prayer.

20.00 Akatistos prayer service.

21.00 A concert of orthodox church music.


60. Dance hall of Yasmine ry
Torikatu 84, entrance on the yard

18.15–19.30 Circles, beats and vibrations. Get acquainted wit Oriental dance through a small but fast choreography. No earlier dance experience needed! Happy vibration training at the end of class. After the dance class, you can stay for performances.


61. Chaos Stage (Kaaoslava)
The Northwestern end of Lyötty park

15.00–18.00 Children’s Art Afternoon. Fabric printing and a mystic treasure hunt. Bring your own clothes or pieces of cloth to ensure a successful experience at colouring fabric! To children between 5 and 12 years of age; parents or other guardians should come along. Coffee, tea, water and juice provided.

18.00–20.00 Acoustic Improvised Jam. Oulu Space Jam Collective.

20.00–22.00 Oulu Space Jam Collective: Space Rock Jam. Come, dance and experience!

22.00–23.00 The God Botherers. Tech-No!


62. Bingo
Mäkelininkatu 29

23.00–03.00 Camp Underground: The Nightshift. The Nightshift is an open-to-all end party of an international, cross-disciplinary artist boot Camp Underground. At Nightshift You get to witness and experience the results of artistic collaboration created during Camp Underground.
You’ll have a first seat insight to northern underground art, its future and the neighbourly network of marginal artists from Northern Sweden, Northern Norway, Northern Finland and North-West Russia. The artistic results will be served via artist talks, slideshows, installations and who knows what. Free entrance. Check more info at


63. Kanerva Floral Shop
Hallituskatu 22

12.00–24.00 Framed. Floral art works in the display windows. Shop open 9–17.


Central Oulu here and there

Some time: Undead About. Zombie Walk Oulu will be held in September, and the wandering undead take over the Oulu Arts’ Night, too.


Bars in Central Oulu (K18!)
Here and there

18.00–22.00 Bar Hopping. The Magicians of Oulu tour the bars and joints of Oulu with their tricks again this year.

64. Gallery Villa Amélie
Kaljaasintie 10, Hietasaari

21.00–24.00 Hietasaari Arts’ Night in words, images and notes. Vernissage of an art exhibition: Mirja Heikkilä, literature therapist SANAMIELI; sculptures by Lasse Nissilä; paintings by Jaana Kokko.


65. Tuira Church
Myllytie 5

17.00–19.15 Sacred Dance Night. Sacred dance leads into quietening oneself down. Simple steps and movements anre deep prayer, the strength of which lies in the aesthetic overall ambience and the number of repetitions. It is not a performative dance, but focuses on each participant’s own experience. We have two segments to the night: First suitable for everybody, the second for more experienced dancers.


66. Tukikohta (“The Base”)
Sorvarintie 5

21.00–23.00 Raivon historia -peepshow. Rehearsing Theatre troupe put on a club with a peepshow. Club is free, but peepshow units function with coins.


67. The Locomotive Hall of Culture Power Station
Paalikatu 3, Meri-Toppila

14.00–19.00 Locomotive Hall in Technicolor. Image art, community art and stage art by Kulttuurivoimala.


68. Haukipudas Church
Kirkkotie 19, Haukipudas

20.00–21.00 Summer Night Devotional with Music. Ilkka Virta guitar, Jaakko Tuisku evening devotional.


69. Ylikiiminki Parish House
Kirkkomäki 12

20.00–21.00 Summer Night’s Music. Hannu Niskasaari vocals, Minna-Mari Niskasaari piano.


70. Yli-Ii Taitomylly
Karjalantie, Yli-Ii

17.00–20.00 Taitomylly Arts’ Night. Local artists and craftsmen displays their work, some are present to meet! Participatory street art and fishing for children. Different working demonstrations. Take part in the community art work!

Sculpture park
Luulaja park, Karjasilta

12.00–06.00 Kurkistus (Peek-a-boo) – sculpture exhibition all year round. Toni Iskulehto, Reetta Gröhn-Soininen, Jorma Styng, Hannu Ahosola, Jouko Keskiaho, Raine Körkkö, Veikko Laakso.


Mannerheim’s park

17.00–19.00 Mannerheim’s Park in Virtual Reality. The development ideas of Mannerheiminpuisto presented in virtual reality goggles by the city planning officers. 3D provided. See video:


Hallituskatu 30 M8

17.00–24.00 Live Painting in Kure X Susanna Sivonen. Besides Susanna Sivonen painting, we raffle out packages.


Hyvän mielen talo (“House of Mental Well-Being”)
Kauppurienkatu 23 (entrance on Vaarankatu)

14.00–15.30 Full of Colour – Did the Colours Find You? Artist and art therapist living and working in Germany, Riitta Soini opens her exhibition. Vernissage with coffee.


Pakkahuoneenkatu 10

18.00–21.00 Popup art exhibit with vinyl. Small sample of paintings through the decades, larger one of old vinyl LPs. Welcome!


Storehouse 12, marketplace

18.00–18.30 Tiipii Arts’ Night Mini Tour. Singers of Juuni & Olkimaa and Marko Siekkinen & Toivoniemen reservaatti, Julia and Marko join forces for Oulu Arts’ Night. This duo plays earthy Finnish folk, both from their older bands repertoire and some new Tiipii duo tracks.


Antell Café Piha
Kauppurienkatu 7

19.00–19.30 Jukka Ruottinen. Man and guitar, acoustic.

19.45–20.15 Tiipii Arts’ Night Mini Tour. See Aittaputtiikki above.

20.45 Duo Viive. Jenna Eronen and Henri Pauna acoustic.


Sokeri-Jussin Kievari
Pikisaarentie 2

20.45 Tiipii Arts’ Night Mini Tour. See Aittaputtiikki above.


Stairs of City Hall
Kirkkokatu 2 A

19.00 Orivesi All Stars. Folk music from Finland and abroad.





Symbol explanations: E = easy entry, WC = toilet for the disabled, I = induction loop

Place numbers refer to the map in the printed programme (publised with Forum24 paper on August 15th), which can also bedownloaded here >>
Places without a number did enter their event only after the advertised deadline, and are not included in the printed programme.

Free entry, unless stated otherwise. K18! marking where you need to be 18 years old, some events with age suggestion 15 (K15). Many of the events taking place outside might be cancelled if it rains, even if it is not mentioned in the programme. Event organisers answer for their own events, Oulun taiteiden yö ry waives responsibility for any changes not announced here.