In English, Oulu Arts Night, Thursday 16.8.2018


Oulu Arts' Night, Thursday August 16th, 2018

Symbol explanations: E = easy entry, WC = toilet for the disabled, I = induction loop

Place numbers (to be added) refer to the map in the printed programme (published with Forum24 paper on August 14th).
Places without a number did enter their event only after the advertised deadline, and are not included in the printed programme.

Free entry, unless stated otherwise. K18! marking where you need to be 18 years old, some events with age suggestion 15 (K15). Many of the events taking place outside might be cancelled if it rains, even if it is not mentioned in the programme. Event organisers answer for their own events, Oulun taiteiden yö ry waives responsibility for any changes not announced here.

Oulunsuu hospital area (E
We meet in front of von Bagh training centre, Peltolantie, 90230 Oulu

18–19 Mielikuvia – guided tour of the area. In Finnish. This time the popular tour of Oulunsuu hospital area comes with music. Dimi Salo will perform her songs in between the tales and history of the psychiatric ward area. About one hour, will be cancelled if it rains too much.

Taito Shop Maakari
Rautatienkatu 11 B

15–21 With a Needle and a Brush! In the Oulu Taitokeskus workshop we embroider pendants or jewellery buttons, in the Lovi factory workshop we assemble Lovi characters and decorate them with painting. Participation on the cost of the material kit: Oulun Taitokeskus starting at 5 €, Lovi factory starting at 6,90 €. Café Hanna open until 9 PM. In Oulu Taito Shop special offers, work show by Lappajärvi Värjäämö 13–20.

Railway Pedestrian Tunnel (E
Hallituskatu XXX

19–22 Rhythm Tunnel 2018. Percussion jam – bring your own instruments, anything from buckets to drum kits!

Kure (E
Hallituskatu 30

18–22 Jewellery Workshop by Kure and Uhana Design. Customers get to make jewellery of their liking.

Flower Shop Kanerva
Hallituskatu 22

17–22 Taiko Sales Exhibit. Taiko Art Web Store ( exhibiting art works by Hanna Holopainen and Pekka Homanen. Get yourself some great art!

Snooker Time (K18!)
Asemakatu 28

22.30–01.00 Cartoonists on the Patio: Aapo Kukko, Anssi Vieruaho, Veli-Matti Ural. Caricatures and other drawings to order or not to order.

19.30 Preview: Θ. The new single by the band Riutta, published on August 17th.

Downstairs Smoking Lounge:
20–23 Sound Pressure Chamber vol.1: Kvltövgåd/Sinister E. (Petroskoi, RUS), Tyhjä pää, Handeyemachine, Aids Mom.
Experimental electronic sound, drone, noise, harsh noise.

23–00 Jalot Pojat – Vessakirjoitukset II.
Songs in Finnish. Jalot Pojat comes again! The noblest entertainment artists of Oulu underground scene Ari-Matti and Matias perform acoustically texts written on toilet walls. Two men and two guitars – and a neverending will to please. Evergreens and new songs for everyone who has done business in a public lavatory.

Gallery kajaste Kajaaninkatu
Kajaaninkatu 25

13–19 Ajautuva Oleva: Exhibition by Heidi Hakkarainen and Tiina Seppälä. Sculptures and paintings.
17–19 Artist meeting: Tiina Seppälä.

Asemakatu 25

18–21 Thank You Topics from Life's Journey. We perform compelling Israeli dances, hoping for the audience to join. Minna Riihimäki accompanies herself on guitar, singing her own, affective compositions.

18–22 Gallery open. More programme confirmed later; also for children. Works from several artists, snacks and drinks.

Taide OULU
Asemakatu 12

15–19 Vernissage of Taide OULU Art Shop. Trending towards contemporary art, a veritable new art art shop opens for public.

Åström park (E
Mannenkatu 1

16–20 Culture and Cotton Candy! (Vuolle in Night of the Arts). Vuolle Setlementti arranges entertaining and participatory programme. From the autumn term curriculum, presented are music, arts and crafts, languages, physical education, well-being and dance. Everyone gets to tak part in a communal art work, popup choirs and dance groups, playing ukulele, word art, drawing and giant soap bubbles. Or do you wish to try a language immersion in Spanish, Italian, French or English? Bring small cash for the cotton candy or food from different cultures, all proceeds go to Vuolle Friendship House.

Vuolle youth programme (Boys' House, Girls' House) sets up a ”My Strength” Photo point, where you can have yourself photographed. At the stand of Work against Violence you can leave your angst to the Pain Box, be it a poem or some other kind of text.

Tuba – Food and Lounge (K18! After 8 PM) (E, WC
Mannenkatu 2

12.00 Poetic Lunch. In Finnish. Poetry served by Marko Heikkinen and Juha Kaarela. Oulun Muusajuhlat
18.15 Pilvilintu.
Female duo Pilvilintu from Oulu play mostly covers in their own style. Soft notes of jazz, swing and pop.
19.00 Elisa Koivupuro.
Atmospheric singer-songwriter indie pop.
20.00 Taavetti Lukkarisen Hirttopuu.
Two-man band from Oulu playing folk-rock.
21.00 Muusaklubi: Hector!
Muusa club concentrating on a Finnish songwriter legend Hector. In Finnish. Mini reading group lead by Jarkko Korpua analyses autobiographical Hector – Asfalttihippi (Otava 2017). Hectorist Tommi Parkko and PhD Tomi Kiilakoski discuss their relationship to Hector. Versions of Hector songs by Oulu artists: Saaga Sees, Antti Viitala, Jukka Tervo, Pirjo Suvilehto, Lantti & Kolehti. Oulun Muusajuhlat

Kasarmintie 1

All day: "Kurkistus" Sculpture Exhibition. Works by Jorma Styng, Toni Iskulehto, Veikko Laakso and Raine Körkkö.

Voimala 1889
Kasarmintie 1

18.00 Uniikki Unikorni Improv Theatre Special. In Finnish. Actors throw themselves at the mercy of the audience
19.00 Monologues.
In Finnish. Three monologues on discovery by three women from Oulu: Milla Jääskö, Eeva Maria al-Khazaali and Taru Hallikainen. 45 min, Oulun Muusajuhlat
21.00 Ylimuonion urheiluteatteri: Ei kyyneltäkään virrannut.
A theatre play in Finnish, telling a story of Martta Johanna Koskinen, executed for treason in 1943 and thus the last woman to be executed in Finland. Not suitable for under 14-year olds, 1 hour. Tickets 10 €, from or at the door. Oulun Muusajuhlat

18–23 Grüße aus Berlin – Hanna Holopainen. Exhibition, colourful paintings.

Oulu Museum of Art (E, WC
Kasarmintie 9

Downstairs gallery:
9–23 A Modern Woman; Anni Kinnunen – The Great Escape
. Half price entrance all day.
16–23 Ellen meets Ellen.
Music student Ellen Kärkölä accompanies the paintings of Ellen Thesleff on a violin, every hour on the dot.
19.00 Exhibition presentation.
Art Museum curator Elina Vieru gives a guided tour to the exhibitions.

Upstairs gallery:
9–23 The Hype in the Arctic Silicon Valley
. All day free entrance.
10–12 and 14–16 Easter Egg Hunt
20.00 Guided Tour to the Exhibit.
Project manager Jonna-Maria Mölläri takes the guests on a trip in time.

Reppu space, 1st floor:
17–19 Nonstop-workshop: Sound drawing.

Oulu Art Museum Backyard Patio(E
Kasarmintie 9

16–23 Throw Nokia into the World! Mobile phone throwing for everybody!

Dammisaari Rapumaja (”Crayfish Hut”)
Kasarmintie 11, Hupisaaret park

17–18 Hyvän mielen tanssit / Happy Mind Dance.
Creative movement, having fun and body positivity! To everyone from 0 to 106 years, fat, thin, shy, brave, clumsy, agile, men and women. Come as you are.

Hupisaaret Park
Between the summer theatre and playground

18.20–18.40 Kaipuu. A dance solo by Audrey Kytölä. This dance solo is about the feeling of "being home" and about nostalgia. Was it easier life when I was a child? Can I find a home everywhere in the world? OUi – French touch in Finland.

Ainola Park
Check for the accurate spot

14–19 Tulikipuna Stone Art Workshop.Co-op Tulikipuna camps in Ainola Park for the Arts' Night! Come paint natural rocks with acrylic paints. We bring the materials, you bring the creativity.

Ainola Park (E
Next to Café Kiikku

18.00–20.30 ”One Night Sanatorium, or Messed Up in a Good Way”. Art group Lyhdynkantajat hangs a popup art exhibit from three creators: Katiska, Kortetjärvi, Väisänen. Come rest your nerves by the art works! Possibility to join in a communal art work, also.

Ainola Park

13.00–15.00 Soiva Siili Jukebox. Children's music in Finnish. Soiva Siili duo play their songs, come and go and wish as you want!

The Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia (E, WC
Ainola Park

10.00–22.00 Free Entry to the Exhibitions. The Birds of Toikka; Would You Like Some Coffee?; Koiramäki.
Oulun University role playing club CRYO are at the museum, introducing the audience to games on themes of Oulu and history with a possibility to also play them.
17–21 Collector Meeting. In Finnish, mostly. Arabia coffee cup collectors Marko Laukkanen and Susanna Hyykoski recounting their collection tales. Colourful and nostalgic cups have intrigued Oulu audiences, now only few days of the exhibit ending August 19thremain.

18.00–18.30 Äitimaa (”Mother Earth”).
In Finnish. Seven natural spirits of the North protect both Finnish and the global nature with their message and performance. Text and costumes are realised by Eija Keränen. The message of Mother Earth starts at Ainola park on Arts' Night.

In the yard:
16–22 Café Hanna Å.
In front of the museum (inside if rainy). Small edibles, sweet and savoury, coffee, tea and melon-ginger drink. Cash only.
16–22 Retro kitsch flea market out front.
Welcome to sell your extra items to evening flea market. Even if it is not that retro. Places on the museum front lawn are first come, first serve. Some tables, if you need one, available from the museum for a 5 € fee.

The Backyard of the Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia (E
Hupisaaret park

15.00–24.00 LaavU Free Open Air #5 – Arts' Night 2018. Open and free family pique-nique style park event, with local electronic music DJ's playing diverse rhythm music based on machine beats. Some side shows, too, face painting for kids, graffitti spot, lost & found sales for charity.

Lammassaari (“Isle of Sheep”) (E

12.00 Official Opening of Oulu Arts' Night. Paavo J. Heinonen says the opening words. Other stuff may or may not go on.

18.00 Äimän Vikeltäjät. Equestrian vaulting, ie. Acrobatics on horseback. CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS!

Tähtitorni Café
Linnansaari 1

For possible changes, check

The Tower:
11–02 Harvest of Picture Oulu! Photography Competition.
Oulu Camera Club arranged a competition where participants had four hours to take the photos. Themes were ”Timeless Oulu” and ”Oulu of Opposites”.

17.00 Soiva Siili.
Children’s music with Finnish lyrics.
18.00 Book Launch: Eksynyt taivaanvuohi.
In Finnish. Author Eero Suvilehto's new book is a poetic journey to Sicily in springtime.
19.15 &NOA.
Folk music group play ethnospirited music from home and other places.
20.15 The Skandinistas.
Charismatic three man duo play ska/rocksteady/reggae acoustic.
21.30 Book Launch: ”Motelli”.
A novel-come-drama by Jarmo Stoor published in a book form. In Finnish. Music by Latistajat: Heikki Hallanoro music, Jarmo Stoor words.
22.30 Record Launch: Vaarojen laulut by Jukka Takalo.
Finnish singer-songwriter with his new tracks.
23.45 Rommakko.
A folk group from Oulu. Lyrics in Finnish.
01.00 Mesikämmenet.
Big boys’ songs. Rude music in Finnish.

The Cellar:
18.00 Hulentka trio.
Drawing from modern folk songs and world music with a drop of humour.
19.00 Janne Mikkonen Boppin' Soul.
Jazz band takes you back to the sixties. Bold jazz classics by Grant Green, Lee Morgan, Eddie Harris and others. Janne Mikkonen guitar, Pekka Sirola guitar, Riku Kovalainen bass, Olli Estola drums.
20.00 Marxilais-teologinen seura presents: Viimeinen tuomio (”The Last Judgment”).
In Finnish. A political cabaret about the role of the church in society and the sweetness of judging. Dance and song in the honour of Oulu bishop election. Inspired byt 1930's cabarets.

The Front Yard of Oulun Paitapaino (E
Pikisaarentie 8

18–20 Kesti All Starts Big Band presents: Siberian High School. A sidewalk concert does not have too much seating or really an exact performance time, it rather consists of freely improvised snippets of varying length, for joy and sadness of passers-by. Also on show and on sale are paintings of late Jouni Kesti.

Sculpture Yard (E
Pikisaarentie 7 B 1

14–18 Sculptures by Riitta Helevä. Both in the garden and in the cellar; the artist is present to introduce the works.

Pikisaari Old Wool Factory Ateliers
Pikisaarentie 17

12–22 Open Doors to Ateliers. The artists Sakari Matinlauri, Lauri Rankka, and Veikko Törmänen and maybe others open their ateliers for public viewing.

2nd Floor:
12–22 Hiljaisessa kesäyössä, ”In a Silent Summer's Night”.
Exhibition by Päivi Pussila.
12–22 Prinsiippi, ”Principle”.
Popup exhibit in the studio of Leena Kangas.
12–22 Ave Mare!
An installation made of recycled bottles and materials offered by the shores of Pikisaari island (water, sand, vegetation), realised by Helena Kaikkonen, Leena Kangas and Päivi Pussila.

Gallery Harmaja (WC
Pikisaarentie 17

12–22 Ismo Hyvärinen: Paintings
19.00–19.45 Mikko Koskela & Kuohu.
Acoustic trio playing on the gallery sea terrace.
20.00 and 21.00 Pecha Kucha: "Perinnönjaolla" (”Legacy Distribution”).
In Finnish, mostly. Short presentations by Pohjois-Suomen arkkitehdit SAFA.

Designtori (“Design Market)
Pikisaarentie 13 ja 17

15–22 Design Market in Pikisaari. Designers and crafters selling their produce from graphics to jewellery and from clothes to ceramics. Street vendors spell out food, sweets and beverages both days of the fair. Stands in the Yellow House, OSAO dining hall, PROTO showroom in Old Wool Factory and outside in tents. Open also Friday August 17th (14–20). PROTO – Pohjois-Suomen muotoilijat ry.
15–18 OSAO Pikisaari unit work shows and workshops.
Textile, clothing, precious metals, restauration, media; in the 2nd and 3rd floors of Wool Factory, first floor clothing corridor of the main building, and on the frontyard media and the red ochre paint boiling by restauration. Product sales until 10 PM.

Oulu Theatre (E, WC
Kaarlenväylä 2

Downstairs Lobby:
17–19 Face Painting for Children
17–23 Staging Process Exhibition.
A popup exhibition from the theatre staging models curated by Kalle Nurminen.
17, 18, 19 and 20 Guided Theatre Tours.
In Finnish. Start at every hour from downstairs lobby.

Ticket campaign and raffle.

Small Stage Lobby:
18–21 Time Can't Change Me No More.
Sound installation themed on David Bowie by Olli Paakkolanvaara. "This piece was inspired by “Time May Change Me”, a gif animation made by Helen Green in 2015. It’s made from 33 songs by David Bowie, including a song from every studio album he made as well as few songs from other significant phases of his 50-year career. Songs are played in a chronological order, 1/10th of second per song at a time, in an infinite loop. Like David Bowie did, this piece changes constantly, confusing the listener with an array of unexpected sounds."

Small Stage:
18.00 Näkymätön lapsi (”The Invisible Child”).
In Finnish. Tickets 12–17 €.

19.00 Ave Mare Boreale! Stories from the Bothnian Bay.
Heta Haanperä and Timo Kinnunen, 45 min approx.

Lobby Stage (2nd Floor):
18.30 MAJA.
Duo of singer-songwriters Julia Vornanen and Marko Siekkinen, recently having published their first single ”Maja”. Finnish language folk music with two-tone harmonies in a central role.
20.00 and 20.30 Flamenco association Palo Nuevo.
About 10 minute performance.
21.30 Songs from ”Mistä on omat äidit tehty” (”What Are Own Mums Made of”). In Finnish. Tuula Väänänen, Merja Pietilä, Anne-Mari Kanniainen.
22.15–23.15 Onsegen Ensemble.
Audiovisual spectacle in prog rock, featuring also one Scottish bagpipe.

Vänmanni Stage (Theatre Restaurant):
18.00 Duo Jenny ja Tuomas.
Play evergreens of Carola.
19.00 Hanna ja Hannu.
Vocal and piano duo from Oulu play jazzy standards and other classics. Stress on the hopeful and syrupy aspects of life and love, waiting for the evening to fall.
19.45 Soundbox LIVE.
Olli Paakkolanvaara.
20.30 Saaga Sees.
Solo performance.
21.50 Kurtis J. WOLF Hip Hop Prodigy.
Singing his soul out, with sky not the limit! K15

Oulu City Library (E, WC
Kaarlenväylä 3

Showcase exhibit, 1st floor:
10–22 Tähti – cartoon original in textile.
Appliqués by Raili Kantola from a cartoon book written by Nina Lappalainen and published in 2017.

Event space Laituri, 1st floor:
18–22 Kirjastoklubi goes Muusat.
In Finnish. Poetry Board assessess poems from Oulu lyricists. Aapo Kukko hosts Poetry Blind Date. Author Maarit Verronen presents her new novel Hiljaiset joet, and poet Jere Vartiainen presents his latest collection Minuus | Miinus. To finish, orchestra Djangomania mixes American swing, French gipsy jazz and old Finnish schlager.

Pakkala hall, 1st floor: (I
18.00 Children's film "
Mancs". About a dog who saved lives all around the world. Recommended for 8 years and older.Hungarian, subtitles in English and Finnish. Directed by Robert-Adrian Pejo, 92 minutes. Winner of the grand prize at Oulu Children's and Youth Film Festival 2016.

Children's section, 2nd floor.
18.00 Muusat satuhuoneessa (”Muses inthe fairy tale room”).
In Finnish. RokkiPojat play children's music.

Adult section Piazza, 2nd floor:
19.00 Eero Blomberg: Magic of Modern Tango.
Flautist Eero Blomberg performing six tango drafts by Astor Piazzolla. About 30 minutes. Astor Piazzolla – Tango-Etudes pour flûte seule: Décidé / Lento-Meditativo / Molto marcato e energico / Anxieux et rubato / Noire = 120 / Avec anxiété.

Sarjasto, 3rd floor:
19.00 Vernissage of Comics Metro.
Presenting the newly created comics reading lines are Harri Filppa from Oulu Comics Centre and Soile Hirvasniemi from Oulu City Library. Map of the Comics Metro available also at

Provincial Collection room, 3rd floor:
17–22 Amiga Game Vault.
Retro gaming on classic Amiga. Realised with Suomen Amiga-käyttäjät ry.

Elba (E
Behind Kiikeli

05.00–05.45 (pe) Finnegan's Wake – the last paragraph. Paavo J. Heinonen reads the final, 9-page long paragraph from James Joyce’s masterwork. Please remember to listen in silence.

Petrellin Saluuna (K18!)
Rantakatu 4

20.30 live Irish Music Session / Irkkumusiikkijamit. Welcome to an evening of live traditional Irish music by local and visiting musicians to launch the 13th anniversary Irish Festival of Oulu. Dancers, musicians and listeners are welcome!

Kolo lounge (E
Pakkahuoneenkatu 5

17.00 Poetry Cafe. Eeva Maria al-Khazaali, Miia Paani, Tommi Parkko. In Finnish, but it is poetry.
19.00 Tuuli Oikkonen: me. Vernissage.
Works made in different graphic methods, examining the self, ego and consciousness.

Kolo terrace (E
Pakkahuoneenkatu 5

18.15–19.45 Cartoonists on Terraces: Ville Ranta, Tessa Astre. Caricatures and other drawings, made to order or just for fun.
20.30 Underground Moves presents: La Makina de Baile - Street reggaeton duo.
Coreo: Marlèn Dura. Bailando: Señorita ShakyShaky & Mamacita Mirabella.

Café Tuokio (E
Pakkahuoneenkatu 7

13–16 Zine Workshop: Hei Kesä. Zines. Conversation. Real life. In an age where the internet can confuse and lie to us, 'zines' (xeroxed short publications we make ourselves and give our friends) give us a tangible grip on the *here and now*, and remind us that at the end of the day, *we* get to create and write our own stories: the stories of our lives, the stories that remind us who we are. Inspired by summer in Finland, DK and friends are gathering our summer memories at this once-off popup art installation and zinemaking atelier. Reminisce. Make. Eat. Drink, and relax with us to put together your own 8-page zine. We’ll show you how. Content may be images, text or pieces of a small story. No prior experience necessary, ages 16+. Hosted by artist Dipika Kohli, Design Kompany. €15 (price includes materials, plus coffee). You can also bring your own seasonal and newspapers and craft supplies like scissors. Limited seats. More info and how to book your ticket is at:

Galleria 5
Hallituskatu 5

12–20 Johanna Berg: Luonnonvalo ja varjo ("Natural Light and Shadow"). Art exhibition.

Taidelainaamo ARTo, ARTtila
Hallituskatu 5

12–20 Pirjo Lempeä – Horizon and other themes. Cyanotypes.
17–19 Art Clinic.
Oulu Artists' Association presents for amateur artists a free-of-charge Art Clinic, where you can get your own works cirtiqued or just discuss the artist profession with the artists present. Bring your portfolio or 1-3 examples of your work.

Cultural House Valve (E, WC
Hallituskatu 7

15–23 Nonstop-OMVF-screen.
All the music videos that have ever received an award at Oulu Music Video Festival.

Video workshop:
15–19 Animation non-stop-motion.
In Valve video workshop you can try making animations in stop-motion technique. For all ages.

19–20 Mandala stone workshop, creative well-being. "Hyvinvointia luovasti" group presents a relaxing and empowering painting hour for everyone between 15 and 105 years. No previous skills needed. All materials and tools available. Limited space, reserve yours by sending your name, email address and phone number to K15

Valve hall:
18–19 Tunnebrunssi ("Emotion brunch"), workshop
19–20 Tunnebrunssi ("Emotion brunch"), performance
22.00 Peltokurki.
In Finnish. Vocal harmonies and deep lyrics, personal melodies. Combination of light and shadows interpreted by two women.

Konst o. Deli stage:
17.00 Suzuki school Oktaavia
18.00 M. Leppiluoto
18.45 La Makina de Baile – Street reggaeton duo.
Underground Moves presents.
19.00 Jukka Ruottinen.
A singer-songwriter from Oulu: "Sounds like J. Karjalainen but sings in English." Frontman of Bedtime Acoustics and Carrot Rope solo with his guitar.
20.00 Joonas Kinnunen Trio
21.00 Iina Palokangas
22.00 Anna & Hannu.
Ballads/folk/jazz in diverse languages, accompanied with guitar and piano.
23.00 5D: Intuitive and Improvised Music.
Drums, guitar, flute, vocals.

Konst o. Deli:
10–24 Markus Tornberg: Elämä on.
Art exhibit.

Ojakatu lobby gallery:
10–24 Veikko Sarkkinen: Punainen Mylly ("A Red Mill").

Valve gallery:
10–22 Jorma ”Jope” Pitkänen 70 years.
Cartoons and comics.

Northern Photographic Centre gallery:
10–22 Naoko Chiba & Antti Ylönen: Silent Stories of Land.

Comics gallery!:
11–22 Jyrki Mäki: comics and cartoons.
15–16 Meet the Artist: Jyrki Mäki gives guided tours.

Oulu Comics Centre:
12–22 Open Doors at Turku Comics Shop Oulu Branch.
12–18 Floor cellotaping workshop.
Come decorate floors of the centre and the neighbouring rooms! For all ages and imaginations.
16–22 Fridge Magnet Workshop.
Draw yoursef a unique fridge magnet realised by comic artists, for a small fee. Pokuto – Northern Publishing Action with Oulu Comics Centre.

Valvenäyttämö, 2nd floor:
18–20 OYT goes OTY.
Oulu Student Theatre presents short pieces by its members. Single shows 5-10 minutes, you can go in and out between the performances!

Studio Cinema, 2nd floor:
17.00 and 18.00 Elokuvaa! Stories from Oulu.
In Finnish. A mini popup festival presenting the short films made during the summer cinema workshops. Witness how the youth of Oulu see their home town!
The Leisure Seeker. Paolo Virzi, Italy and France 2017, 113 min. Tickets 7 €. K12
21.15 "Ompelijatar" (2017, 74 min).
A Film by Sanna Huhtela, in Finnish. Tickets 5 €, cash on the door.

Madetoja Park (E
Ojakatu embankment, Valve side:

14–21 Photo Laundry. Photo Laundry is a photo exchange event, where participants bring a photo with them, leave it on the lines and take another photo as they leave. Inside Valve, if it rains.
15–18 Cyanotype Workshop.
If weather allows, a walk-in workshop run by Pirjo Lempeä and Naoko Chiba.
15.00–20.00 Photo orienteering for kids.
Also for grown-ups, why not. Find the spots on the map and photograph them!

Oulu Cathedral (E, I

21.00 Arts' Night Concert. Vuokko Ahtila harp, Emma Tessier flute, Péter Marosvári organ.

Hallituskatu 9

15–23 Arts' Night Info.
18.30 Double Zine Launch:
Kaltio 4/2018 and the new zine by Dipika Kohli (US) launched.
21.00 Uimapäiväkirja ("Swimming Diary").
Video work about swimming, by Tiina Timlin and Leena Tiainen. 20 minutes approx.

Snellmann Park (E
Hallituskatu 9

of OMVF festival office step out to spread the information about the 25th Oulu Music Video Festival, happening next week, August 23rd to 26th. You can win a Festival Pass, or just chill in the sweet music DJ'd by DJ J-Honey!

18–20 Pop up -piknik "At the moment". Music, games, poetry, crocheting, dance and, most of all, a relaxed get-together. Box bike touring downtown parks, collecting especially young people to the pique-nique. A start of a project directed at young people, including several arts and self-motivating. WeUp! Group together wit Esteetön ry producing.

20.15–21.00 MC Heguli. Recently having moved to Oulu, MC Heguli raps in Finnish with lyrics about angst, finding one's own way, alcohol, faith and equality. First Spotify single "Paluu" ("Return") was published in June, produced by Mikko Keskinen. Heguli performs with speaker Seppo Törmäkangas. Rap with words you can understand. MC Heguli is an emotional charge worth seeing!

Gallery kajaste Uusikatu
Uusikatu 17

13–20 Anitta Jonas: Less Is More. Paintings in an exhibition of a Copenhagen artist.

Letkunpuiston helmi (K18!)
Uusikatu 23

21.00–22.15 Cartoonists on the Patio: Aapo Kukko, Anssi Vieruaho. Caricatures and other drawings to order or not to order.
22.00–01.30 Arts' Night Karaoke.

Otto Karhi Park (E
On the banks of Laanaoja

18.00: TAIDEMATO – ART WORM.Art association Ultramarin ry creates a communal art work with the public, in workshops in the park, and the Art Worm is then assembled to follow the banks of Laanaoja. Tools and acrylics available for participants. Cancelled in too much rain.

Otto Karhi square (E
In front of Café Makia

18.30 Choir Oulun Tyypit: To My Love – Songs about Love. Mostly in Finnish. A mixed choir Oulun Tyypit. 30 minutes.
19.15 Underground Moves presents: La Makina de Baile - Street reggaeton duo.
Coreo: Marlèn Dura. Bailando: Señorita ShakyShaky & Mamacita Mirabella.
19.30 Choir Oulun Tyypit: To My Love – Songs about Love.
Mostly in Finnish. A mixed choir Oulun Tyypit. Second set, 30 minutes.
20.00 Oulu Student Theatre Improv Troupe.
Funny and fun.
21.15 HietaKettu.
Indie folk group formerly of Kaustinen, now Oulu, with sadness and hope in their songs. Also some a cappella versions of Eino Leino poems.

Plastic collection for recycling available during OYT and HietaKettu performances – bring your plastic waste along!

Restaurant Puistola (E, WC
Pakkahuoneenkatu 15

16–22 Puistola Bubbling Vintage & Glitter. In the safety of the Jugend beauty Puistola, over a centyry old, you can sense and enjoy bubbles, glitter and vintage: Puistola Pop Up Champagne Bar; Pieni muotihuone Chic, "From the Bygone Years" by Outi Sulkala; Gold Digger works by artist Riikka Soininen; Glitter works byt artist Moosa Myllykangas.
19–22 Jazz 'n Bossa from vinyl by DJ Yari (Oulu soul)

Hyvän mielen talo ("House of a Happy Mind")
Kauppurienkatu 23 (entrance on Vaarankatu), room Ilona

15.00–16.30 You Find Us by the Vaara Park.In Finnish. Architect Kaarina Niskala presentation on the history of the Talousseura building. Presenting also the meeting place programme of Hyvän mielen talo ry.

Rotuaari Stage (E
Rotuaari square, Kirkkokatu 17

Programme from Korttelihaipakka (see for more information):
18.00 Rotuvaari honorary sticking
18.10 Suzuki School Oktaavia
18.30 Liikkuva Laulureppu.
Children's music in Finnish.
18.50 Magic for Children: Elias Kvist
19.10 "At a Bus Stop".
A Dance play for the whole family by Katku ry.
19.30 DJ plays the Summernight Classics.
Dance moves from Katku ry.
19.50 Underground Moves presents: La Makina de Baile - Street reggaeton duo.
Coreo: Marlèn Dura. Bailando: Señorita ShakyShaky & Mamacita Mirabella.
20.00 Oulu Big Band.
With Dance School Matleena & Swingo
21.00 DJ plays slightly faster tunes.
Dancing by Katku ry and Keksikollektiivi.

Loisto Screen:
Third photo exhibit from "Oulu tutuksi" Facebook group:
Images of Oulu public art.
Also some live screening.

Kauppurientori square (E
Isokatu 33

Programme from Korttelihaipakka (see for more information):
19.00 Oulu Big Band.
With Dance School Matleena & Swingo.

In front of former Stockmann store
Kirkkokatu 14

Programme from Korttelihaipakka (see for more information):
18.30 Dance School Matleena
19.30 Oulu Big Band.
With Dance School Matleena & Swingo.

Kirkkokatu 10

17–18 Cartoonists on Terraces: Ville Ranta, Aapo Kukko. Caricatures and other drawings, made to order or just for fun. All drawers welcome!
19.00 Mikael Eerik Group.
Tricoloured jazz state Mikael Eerik Group lands in Leskinen, starred by songstress Alli Helinä. Promise of nuanced ambiences and skillful renditions of known and safe to new and unforgettable.

Rotuaari (E
Alko hoods, Kauppurienkatu 10

18.00 Groupie High School goes ART vol. 3.The street rock band with the baddest reputation in Northern Scandinavia performs best covers and their number one hits. NOTHIN’ BUT A GOOD TIME!

Kansan Tahto office
Kauppurienkatu 8 B, 3
rd floor

17–21 Open Doors: Art Collection and Old Annals. On the walls of the magazine's own and neighbouring offices hangs the lion's share of the art collected by Kansan Tahto. Present to read are also several annuals from different decennial years of Kansan Tahto. Coffee and buns!

Jumpru Pub (K18!) (E
Kauppurienkatu 6

20.00 Kuusisto & Kumpuvaara. Jaakko Kuusisto violin, Niko Kumpuvaara accordion, Ville Kaikkonen double base, Olli Estola drums. Evening in ethnic vibes, from Roumanian folk dances to Brazilian rhythms. Music of Astor Piazzolla leads to the world of Argentinian tango. To begin, Oulu Music Festival's artistic director Jaakko Kuusisto and accordion virtuoso Niko Kumpuvaara perform as a duo, and for the second set we add the sturdy backline of Ville Kaikkonen's double base and Olli Estola's drumming. Collaboration with Oulu Music Festival,
20.15–21.15 Cartoonists on Terraces: Jussi Hukkanen, Ville Ranta.
Caricatures and other drawings, made to order or just for fun. All drawers welcome!

Café KULuMA (K18!)
Kauppurienkatu 5

21.15–22.30 Cartoonists on Terraces: Jussi Hukkanen, Tessa Astre.Caricatures and other drawings, made to order or just for fun. All drawers welcome!

45 Special (K18!)
Saaristonkatu 12

21–04 Oulu Open Decks & record flea market. Oulu Open Decks, familiar to 45 since 2005, start a few hours earlier than normal for the Arts' Night. And since the theme is recycling, we throw in a record flea market! At Open Decks, each DJ plays for 30 minutes, and the DJing slots are dealt at 9 PM. Come with your favourite half-hour set, you don't need to be pro, beginners will be guided the use of the mixer and turntables. No genre restrictions, not even space is the limit.

Also the record flea market opens at nine, so if you wish to free up some room in your shelves, let 45Special know in Facebook private message, or email at No commission, you can use all your proceeds at the bar. More info at Door service charge 2,5 €.

Real Deal (E
Kirkkokatu 20

11–21 Å i Lofoten-Hailuoto window display exhibition. Oil paintings from Å till Hailuoto by Rita Junes.

Oulu House of Literature
Sepänkatu 9

18–20 Lesung read aloud evening. In Finnish. Two authors reading from their books.
18.00 Jukka Takalo: Kuoleman nimi on Saab 96
19.00 Pekka Aittakumpu: Home Sweet Home

Ommaiskortteeri (E, WC
Isokatu 47

16.00–19.00 Cultural flea market & Waffle bar.Musical show provided by Reenikaane Family. To sell your goods, reserve a table at 0403505955 (Marjo) by August 13th; table rent 5 €. Sweet things from the Waffle bar. Arranged by Oulun seudun omaishoitajat ry.

Oulu Orthodox Cathedral (E, W C
Torikatu 74

12–21 Open house
16.00 Akathist of Grace
18.00 Moment of prayer
20.00 Concert by the Cathedral Choir

Nuottatupa (E
Torikatu 58–60

18–21 Workshop of Friends Who Create and Make.Oulu chapter of Fenno-Russian friendship sociaty invites members and all other people interestend in bilateral friendship activities. Get acquainted to the uncensored story of Grown Man Ballet Troupe, and the most peculiar travel stories in words and pictures. We also sketch a new post cart for the Oulu chapter! Tea from a samovar, Russian music from Andrey's record jukebox.

Restaurant Perla (K18!) (E, WC
Lyötynkatu 7

19–21 Höyhtyän Herkät.Folk band plays on the terrace, unless the weather is lousy, when we move inside. Kitchen is open till 10 PM.

Yasmine ry Dance Hall
Isokatu 84, entrance from the courtyard

18.15–19.30 Oriental Arts' Night. Welcome to enjoy Arts' Night in oriental fashion! We are acquainted with oriental dance through a short but compelling choreography. The hour includes motion language characteristic to oriental dance, like sharp beats, soft snake arms and fast trembles. Skillful performances after the lesson!

Chaos Stage (Kaaoslava)
Hollihaka Park

18–22 Chaos Stage Arts' Night. Veeran Verstas offers music, art, and free urban culture. Youths of the workshop publish their CHAOS sculpture, bathed in light.
19.00 Maustetytöt
21.00 Jukka Nousiainen

In Downtown Oulu

Underground Moves presents: La Makina de Baile - Street reggaeton duo. Coreo: Marlèn Dura. Bailando: Señorita ShakyShaky & Mamacita Mirabella. Underground Moves touring the streets of Oulu with their boombox, performing the summery reggaeton. If you hear the boombox tolling, join the dancers towards the next performance! Each performance about 10 minutes.

Café Poiju, Seelari (E
Puomitie 12, Hietasaari

9.30–16.00 The summer exhibition by Lea Remes.
11.30–14.00 Art Lunch with Outolintu, Kummankukka
. Lea Remes will create flash paintings out of the image or idea brought by you. Musical snacks are served by Janita Owusu (vocals/ukulele) and Teri Tsokkinen (vocals/guitar).

Villa Pukkila and Mustasalmi
Paattikuja 4, Hietasaari

20–01 Nelikulmaisen ihmisen puu / "The Tree of a Quadrangular Human Being". An evening of divers entertainments: Johannes XP, Äänirajoilla, Trio Effet, mdm Pipp Alot, Saunalaiset. From whisper punk to kundalini yoga and something in between. Sauna is warm (unisex; take your swimsuit), scrap instrument jam, drawoems, performance. Hosted by Heinäpää City Theatre, coordinated with other factors in the area. Bring your own food. More info in Facebook.

Gallery Villa Amélie
Kaljaasintie 10, Hietasaari

18.00–20.30 VÄRINÄÄ – art vernissage "Tremors". Jussi Hukkanen, Sirja-Erika Virpikari, Jaana Kokko-Alakärppä, Minna L. Immonen.
21.00 Concert: Romance into a Summer's Night.
Juhani Alakärppä vocals, Miikka Lehtoaho piano. Tickets 25 €, including the evening snack. Limited seating, binding reservations by 9.8.2018 to 050-3777772; after August 9, inquiries at the same number.

Mustasalmi embankment by Maininki Bridge

19–21 Sketches ("Luonnoksia"). Multidisciplinary work Luonnoksia celebrates living nature and raises it into starring role. Work in nature calls to see and experience nature with multiple senses and in a novel way. On the banks of Mustasalmi, there are elements of performance and visual art, along with an installation realised by the group, where synthetic and organic measure each other out. Experience can also include a cup of tea under a fir tree and participating to the work itself. More info at

Ikäihmisten Olohuone, Tuira Service Centre (E, WC, I
Kangastie 1

17.30–18.00 Pyrstötähdet. In Finnish. Pyrstötähdet is a vocal group with text and especially Finnish poetry close to the heart. Songs take on a woman's life from a multitude of perspectives, with a sense of self-irony. Most of the programme is written or arranged to Pyrstötähdet, by eg. Sami Itkonen and Olli Roman. Founded in 2002, Pyrstötähdet consists of nine women from four decades.

The Locomotive Hall of Culture Power Station
Paalikatu 3, Meri-Toppila

14–20 Toppila Arts' Night. Locomotive Hall in Colour – outside the hall we enjoy an art exhibit, live music and video art. Also sales of arts supplies. Art workshop by Sielunsivellin. Performing: J Susi, Hazardi Karhuko, Piia Olkoniemi.
Portrait Park
: a professional photographer going rounds, filming portraits ot people in outside milieu. You can get your one emailed to you.

Resident Room Alvari
Kuorimokatu 2, Meri-Toppila

14–15 Photo exhibition vernissage: "Toppila through the Eys of the Community ("Toppila yhteisön silmin"). Images of the area and events thereupon, by local photographers, are assembled in an exhibition that is on show from the Arts' Night to the end of September.

Ykän Pub K18!
Kapteenintie 24, Toppila

20–00 Skate Punk Night. Glass Wipe, Suntrace, Apes on Parade. Glass Wipe and Suntrace, having toured together this summer, bring their Ättänä-Klämmost to Oulu with no better side order than the local Apes On Parade.

OAMK, Kotkantie campus (E, WC
Kotkantie 1

18.30 Kipuna Collective: Dance performance "Peace" ("Rauha") – story of a lotta girl from a burning land.A beautiful dance piece, recounting the events of 1945 Lapland war in Kemi through the eyes of a lotta girl. What do you do, when they order him, who yesterday was your brother, to be tomorrow your enemy? An arresting story of friendship, love and burned bridges, told by means of folk dance and music. Twelve dancers and ensemble of live musicians take you on a journey to the touching story of Rauha. (Shows also 17.8., 1 PM and 7 PM.) Tickets 10 €, preorder at K12

Hotel Lasaretti, Aurora ball room (E, WC
Kasarmintie 13

17–18 Astro Anarchy images of J-P Metsävainio; Transparente; Charles Sandison: Covenant. Video, media and photo art on the seven giant screens of Aurora ball room.
   J-P Metsävainio is an astronomy photographer who enjoys portraying the hidden beauty of our universe. With an observatory in the central Oulu, Metsävainio has received the Stella Arcti prize in 2009, and his work has been published by eg. NASA, National Geographic, LPOD, Sky & Telescope, Universe Today and Discover Magazine.
   Music videos are not restricted to popular rhythm music. "Transparente" is a video to a piece of classical music made by mezzosoprano Virpi Räisänen and composer Ilmari Mäenpää, both hailing from Kiiminki, though Räisänen has long been based in Amsterdam.
   Scotland-born Charles Sandison works in Finland, and his media art work "Covenant" has been recreated specifically for Aurora ball room. Rarely shown, the work immerses the onlooker, mesmerised by the slow movement of words and letters.

Osuuskunta AittaPuttiikki
Oulu marketplace, granary 12

14–18 Arts' Night Workshop. All are welcomed to create their own personal Spirit jewellery, out of inner tubes of bikes or recycled leather. Materials cost 10 €. Help from Ossuuskunta AittaPutiikki and Venka&Vinka.

Café Tervasoihtu
Kauppatori 2

17.00–18.30 Stories from Kainuu. In Finnish. Kainu people now living in Oulu dish out tales from the tar province. Historicist Markus H. Korhonen outlines how life was in the capital of tar trade, Oulu, while Elsa Väyrynen, Elsi Salovaara and Raija Liikamaa read out the best bits from the book "Pihkassa Kainuuseen". You can also buy the book here, for 40 € price.

Marketplace, Aittatori 8

15.00, 17.00 and 19.00 Dialogues. In Finnish, mostly. Wax dolls Onni and Helmi play out the dialogue of a relationship. From the perimeter of dispute to the perimeter of love.

Sorvarintie 5

15.00–20.00 Vegan Sound Lab; M.F.C. VEGAN LAB: Kombucha Workshop

Hiukkavaaran monitoimitalo
Tahtimarssi 3, 90670 Oulu

8.00–21.45 "Kivipyörre" photo exhibition. "Rock Whirl". A follow up exhibition by Juha Penttinen to his earlier "Reflections", continuing the dream-like journey into the artificial regularity of natural elements. Viewers will find shapes like Rorschach tests, whose historical and causal relations live in a constant flux. Abstract and representational art come together in these pieces.

Juha Penttinen is an Oulu artist, working on digital painting, photography, comics, abstract painting, short film, music video and other audiovisual productions.; IG: juhapenttinen_art



Bring Your skill and talent to Oulu Arts Night 2018!

Oulu Arts Night - Oulun taiteiden yö presents people with the variety of cultural activities going on in Oulu region. Taking place on Thursday 16th of August 2018, the event invites everyone to bring their music, poetry, theatre, art or any kind of performance to be on show.

So, if You have a band or play solo, if You have a dance act or a theatre piece, if You write and wish Your voice to be heard, do not hesitate to contact us. In Oulu Arts Night, we welcome professional artists and amateurs alike, to celebrate the city's vibrant cultural scene.

Our aim is to make Oulu, and especially the downtown area, a place where everyone can feel like home and where arts and culture are at easy reach. That is why almost all the events and performances during Arts Night are free of charge. A number of events also take place outside, in parks like Hupisaaret and Mannerheiminpuisto, so You can just come and go as You wish, from one thing to the next. Also, the Art Museum, the Museum of Cultural History, City Library and the art galleries will be open late.

Previous years have seen events ranging from classical music to harcore punk rock aerobics, from poetry slam to interactive computer art, from zen meditation classes to comics workshops and more. So, even if You don't feel like performing Yourself, there will be activities and performances worth coming to see.
If You wish to have Your act included in the Oulun juhlaviikot (Oulu August Festival) printed programme, get in touch no later than July 26th. Submissions missing that deadline will be published and marketed on the website and posters.

You can also just turn up during the Arts Night and produce a spontaneous performance.

Just e-mail us at ouluntaiteidenyo (a) with the following information:

1. Name of event:

2. Location:

3. Time:

4. Organiser(s):

5. Short description:

6. Entry fee (if any):

7a. Contact person:
7b. Phone:
7c. Email:

8. Demographic (choose applicable):
a) All ages
b) Family event
c) Children and/or young people
d) K 15
e) K 18

Paavo J. Heinonen
Artistic Director, Oulun taiteiden yö ry
044 250 1605