Oulun Taiteiden Yö torstaina 12.8.2021 - Ajankohtaista

Bring Your skill and talent to Oulu Arts Night 2016!

Oulu Arts Night - Oulun taiteiden yö presents people with the variety of cultural activities going on in Oulu region. Taking place on Thursday 18th of August, the event invites everyone to bring their music, poetry, theatre, art or any kind of performance to be on show.

So, if You have a band or play solo, if You have a dance act or a theatre piece, if You write and wish Your voice to be heard, do not hesitate to contact us. In Oulu Arts Night, we welcome professional artists and amateurs alike, to celebrate the city's vibrant cultural scene.

Our aim is to make Oulu, and especially the downtown area, a place where everyone can feel like home and where arts and culture are at easy reach. That is why almost all the events and performances during Arts Night are free of charge. A number of events also take place outside, in parks like Hupisaaret and Mannerheiminpuisto, so You can just come and go as You wish, from one thing to the next. Also, the Art Museum, the Museum of Cultural History, City Library and the art galleries will be open late.

Previous years have seen events ranging from classical music to harcore punk rock aerobics, from poetry slam to interactive computer art, from zen meditation classes to comics workshops and more. So, even if You don't feel like performing Yourself, there will be activities and performances worth coming to see.
If You wish to have Your act included in the Oulun juhlaviikot (Oulu August Festival) printed programme, get in touch no later than July 28th. Submissions missing that deadline will be published and marketed on the website and posters.

You can also just turn up during the Arts Night and produce a spontaneous performance.

Just e-mail us at ouluntaiteidenyo (a) gmail.com with the following information:

1. Name of event:

2. Location:

3. Time:

4. Organiser(s):

5. Short description:

6. Entry fee (if any):

7a. Contact person:
7b. Phone:
7c. Email:

8. Demographic (choose applicable):
a) All ages
b) Family event
c) Children and/or young people
d) K 15
e) K 18

Paavo J. Heinonen
Artistic Director, Oulun taiteiden yö ry
044 250 1605

Programme of Oulu Arts' Night 2016:

1. Taito Shop Maakari
Rautatienkatu 11 B

18.00–22.00 Taitajien Yö. A jewellery workshop, using recycled bottle caps. Material cost 5 €.


2. Asematunneli (E
Hallituskatu XXX

19.50 Olipa kerran Kustavissa… A guided tour to Harri Filppa’s exhibition in the Ränni gallery.

20.00 Rhythm Tunnel 2016. Join us on a percussion jam within the magnificent acoustics of train station pedestrian tunnel! Use anything from a bucket to a drum set.


3. Snooker Time (K18!)
Asemakatu 28

16.00–01.00 13 eläinkohtaloa – vernissage. Opening an exhibition of “13 animal destinies”, pictures from a calendar by Animalia.


4. Åströminpuisto (E
Mannenkatu 1

17.00–20.00 Vietti. A short play by Animalia Oulu about fur farming, 4 minutes, nonstop performances 18–20.


5. Tuba – Food and lounge (K18 after 22.00) (E, WC
Mannenkatu 2

18.00 Nina Jackson. Acoustic music. https://soundcloud.com/nina-jackson-5

18.30 Saaga Sees. Solo performance from the singer of Melulintu. https://soundcloud.com/melulintu

19.00 Uniikki Unikorni: Improshow. Improv theatre without a script. K15.

20.00 Valkea Huone. Pop trio from Oulu. https://www.facebook.com/valkeahuone/

21.00 Peltola. Hit oriented rock/pop. https://soundcloud.com/peltola/mielikuvituksen-rajat


6. Oulu Museum of Art(E, WC
Kasarmintie 9

12.00–22.00 Free Entry to the Exhibitions: Hiukkavaaraa; Marita Liulia: Tanssia kameralle; Muottiin taipumaton – kuvanveistäjä Essi Renvall.

18.00 Guided Tour to Hiukkavaaraa and Tanssia kameralle. Elina Vieru, in Finnish.

18.45–20.45 Conversational Guide at Essi Renvall exhibition. Ask and you will be answered!

Reppu space:

16.00–22.00 Nallekalenteri – Bear Calendar. By Martu Väisänen and Jarkko Remahl, Bear Calendar challenges traditional male ideals, portraying big men with pets.

16.00–22.00 Meijän Oulu: non-stop art workshop. A pointillistic communal art work will be created, with guidance from Niina Autio and Jenina Törmänen.

Satula space:

19.30 Excerpts from production ELOSSA (ALIVE). 30-minute excerpt from an experiential trip through the seasons and circle of life. Eight dancers and a musician, amateurs directed by professional. Esteetön ry.


7. Dammisaaren Rapumaja
Hupisaaret park, entry from Kasarmintie

16.00–20.00 Kotoilukolo – Feel Like Home. Urban Oulu in images and sounds. Kotoilukolo concept in a nutshell: Global and cultural popup living room, where new encounters are facilitated by art.

18.00–20.00 Länkinen&Molander=Päällekkäin Rapumajalla. Collage works “on top of each other”.


8. Hotel Lasaretti, Aurora-sali (E, WC
Kasarmintie 13

18.00 and 18.45 Fascinating Video Art! 40 minute screening of three video works created especially for the magnificent eight-screen display in the Aurora room. You can arrive also in the middle of the show, wine bar is open. The works:

Kohtaaminen (Encounter), by Tapani Launonen

Unwritten Stories by Jaakko Heikkilä

Covenant by Charles Sandison


9. Hupisaaret Park (E

12.00–06.00 Koivunlehtinäyttely / Birch Leave Exhibition. Visual poetry from the anthology Finnish Vispo: Kokoomateos (2016). Set under large fir trees.

15.00–20.00 Eläintehdas / Animal Factory. An interactive exhibition and event, creating animals in a workshop to participate in the art procession at the end of the event.


10. Kiikkusaari (E
Ainola park, Hupisaaret

18.00 Poikkinaiset Tea Picnic. Tea with poetics and visual art, everybody welcome to participate in a communal artwork to be exhibited in Pyhäjoki in September.

18.00 and 19.00 Excerpts from Ballet PELTO (Field). 10-minute teasers from the ballet PELTO premiered in September 2017, by ballet production group Tenho. Performed in the music area of Ainola park.


11. Alakööki (might transfer to Kiikku Café)
Ainola park, Hupisaaret

13.00–15.00 Soiva Siili Jukeboksi. Soiva Siili duo perform audience wishes. Feel free to come and go. 


12. Paratiisi Areena (E
Paradise Island, Hupisaaret

00.01 Magina with Aistivat Vaginat.


13. Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia (E, WC
Ainolan puisto

14.00 Minnen från Österbotten. A story by Sara Wacklin in Swedish read by Paavo J. Heinonen, at Wacklin memorial in front of the museum.

12.00–22.00 Free Entry to the Museum. Exhibit Hundred hero stories from sports.

18.00–22.00 Café Hanna Å. Outisde the museum, inside if it rains.


14. Backyard of the Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia (E
Ainola park

22.00 Onségen Ensemble. Music with a visual accompaniment. Tulikukka also.


15. Lammassaari (E

12.00 Oulu Arts’ Night Official Opening. Artistic Director Paavo J. Heinonen says “Go!”. Might be some other thing  happening, then again maybe not.

12.05 Kaltio magazine issue 4/2016 publication.

12.10 Opening of Arts’ Night Photo Marathon.

15.00–01.00 LaavU Free Open Air #3 @ Taiteiden Yö. Child friendly, free-for-everybody open air event in the park:
15.00–22.00 Local DJ’s play electronic music.
22.00–01.00 UV-installation with aural accompaniment.


17. Tähtitorni café
Linnansaari 1

11.00–02.00 Alexander Perry: The Big Grey. Photograph exhibition.

17.00 Soiva Siili. Children’s music duo.

18.00 Pyrstötähdet Choir. Singing eg. poems by Ilpo Tiihonen and tangos by Unto Mononen.

18.35 Eero Suvilehto: “Ursula”. Reading from the script of his forthcoming book.

19.15–20.45 Good Acoustic Women. Music from Nina Jackson and Saaga Sees.

20.50 The Skandinistas. Ska/rocksteady/reggae acoustic.

22.00 Audio book publication: Jarmo Stoor. Sielunhäkki the novel. Also Writer’s Cut version of novel Motelli. Music by Latistajat.

23.00 Jukka Takalo with His Incredible Band.

00.05 Rommakko. Oulu folk group.

01.10 Mesikämmenet. Finnish songs with adult themes.

13.00–02.00 Kolibri 3016. Installation “Hummingbird 3016”, artists Heidi Stålnacke and Whispers of Ghosts (MEX).


18. Wall Bridge Film Arena (E

22.00–01.30 A Long Short Film Screening. Shorts from Studio Korppikela, Acid Cinema and Yliluonnollista crew – premiere of Yliluonnollista 3. Also a poetry video to be seen.

01.30 Arts’ Night Photo Marathon: Viewing.


19. Old Wool Factory and surroundings
Pikisaarentie 13

12.00–22.00 Open Doors at Artists’ Studios. Artists Sakari Matinlauri, Lauri Rankka, Jyrki Poussu, Raimo Törhönen, Veikko Törmänen, Kaija Hinkula and maybe others open their studios to the public. So does Anni Arffman at Pajakatu 3 C 2  nearby.

20.30 Katsoja / Watcher – Clearly Objectifying Performance. A solo performance by Mika Kiviniemi at the studio of Kaija Hinkula. 15 minutes length.


20. Sokeri-Jussin kievari
Pikisaarentie 2

Short acoustic performances.


26. Oulu City Library (E, WC
Kaarlenväylä 3

18.00–22.00 Opening Night of #Kirjastoklubi. 18–19 Koonti, a video work by Karoliina Niemelä and Pirjo Lempeä (video, 7 min, loop); 19.00 Oulu Student Theatre improv group Ulla & Bori; 20.00 Literature Quiz; 20.30 Sophia Mitiku solo music show; 21.00 Villi Huhu Duo music performance.

Pakkala hall: (I
17.00 Children’s film: Vaahteramäen Eemeli ja Iida (Sweden 2013, 62 min, S).
Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival presenting. Spoken in Swedish with Finnish subtitles.

Magazine reading area:
18.00 Cassiopeia.
University of Oulu Student Association mixed choir.

18.00–20.00 Recycled Book Workshop.

Provincial Collection Room, 3. floor:
18.00–22.00 Amiga Gaming Dungeon.
Gaming Dungeon by Finnish Amiga Users has several retro games on several Amiga 1200 computers, also Amiga 500’s. A Mac mini with MorphOS operating system and Wings Battlefield air fight game for amaximum of four players.

Music Department, 3. floor:
19.00 Otra.
Folk music.


22. Vänmanni Island (E
Behind the Theatre:

19.00–21.00 TUNNE+TILA.
Food Art and a music performance from the locality. 19.00 harvest tastings, 20.00 KOKAMU music performance.

In front of the Theatre:
18.00–22.00 Kässää kaikille nonstop  workshop.
In the Oulu area textile handicraft teachers’ workshop jewellery is made from recycled things – bicycle tubes, wooden pearls, molten plastic bags – also kitchen rags are printed. Material cost 5 €.


23. Oulu City Theatre (E, WC
Kaarlenväylä 2

Arts’ Night special prices at the service counter. Face painting and balloons for children.

18.00 Oulu Symphony Chamber Musicians.
Play for about 20 minutes.

Large Scene:
18.00 Taivaslaulu Open Rehearsal. About 20 minutes, limited number of free tickets, which can be collected from Oulu10 service desk at Torikatu 10.

Small Scene:
18.30, 19.00 and 19.30 Merenkulkija Open Rehearsal.
 15 minutes each time, director present. First Finnish performance of Irish play Seafarer, premiers September 9th. Limited number of tickets, which can be collected from Oulu10 service desk at Torikatu 10.

20.00 Ambience from performance Nosta lippu salkoon!
Finnish favourite evergreen tracks from 1970s.

Large Scene lobby terrace:
16.00–21.00 Grayscales.
Paintings by Hanna Holopainen.


24. Elba (E
Behind Kiikeli

05.00–05.45 (pe) Finnegans Wake – the final paragraph. Paavo J. Heinonen reads the final, 9-page long paragraph from James Joyce’s masterwork. Please remember to listen in silence.


25. Restaurant Sassi (E, WC
Hallituskatu 1

19.00 Sanna & Sami. From rock n’ roll evergreens to rootsy pop.


26. Petrellin Saluuna (K18!)
Rantakatu 4

20.30 Irish Music Session. Welcome to an evening of live traditional Irish music by local and visiting musicians to launch the 11th Irish Festival of Oulu. Dancers, musicians and listeners welcome!


27. PROTO design market (E
Pakkahuoneenkatu 5

15.00–23.00 Designtori open. Friday 19.8. open 14–20. PROTO – Pohjois-Suomen muotoilijat ry organizing.

18.30 Fashion show. On the terrace of non Boutique.

Pakkahuoneenkatu 8
18.00–21.00 Design Workshop.
With guidance of Anna Koivukangas and Leea Alatalo, the open-for-all workshop searches for a print fit for Oulu, and a communal Aittatori-design will be designed: a communal artistic vision of Oulu. Workshop is open also on Friday 19.8. 15–18.


28. Kolo lounge (E
Pakkahuoneenkatu 5

19.30 Jenny ja Tuomas plays Carola. On the terrace, after the Design Market Fashion Show.


29. Uusi Muoti (E
Torikatu 9

10.00–24.00 Uusi Muoti Window Display Exhibition. Works selected from art library ARTo.


30. Paikka (“Place”)
Torikatu 14

21.00 Muisteja – pieni elokuva 1950-luvun Oulusta. A documentary film about 1950s Oulu, directed byt Peter von Bagh. (“Memories”)

00.00–04.00 Yö Paikassa / Night in Place. Media art and culture space “Paikka” open all night.


31. Galleria 5
Hallituskatu 5

12.00–20.00 Aukea Olema. Exhibition, paintings by Mikko Kallavuo and Vilma Panula.


32. Arttila, Art Library ARTo
Hallituskatu 5

12.00–20.00 Vähemmän on enemmän. (Less Is More.) Sculptures by Kaarina Kuusisto-Lukkari.


33. Valve Cultural House (E, WC
Hallituskatu 7

19.00–21.00 MUU MAA Art Bus. Bus tour of Muu ry sound art seminar leaves outside Valve. Limited seating, you can book ahead at ilmoittautuminen@muu.fi.

Large hall:
16.00 and 20.00 Pimeät pennut.
Contemporary circus performance by Kurronen & Laiho Company. 30 min, tickets at the door (cash only) 5 € / 7 € (under 12 years go free).

Lobby, Cultural Magazine Gallery:
14.00–24.00 Arts’ Night Info Desk.
With Oulu Music Video Festival and Air Guitar World Championships, featuring Oulu August Festival.

14.00–24.00 Nepali Art Exhibition. Popup exhibition by Dilip Ranabhat.

17.00–20.00 Cultural Magazine Collage Workshop. Create your own poems, comics or artworks using old magazines.

Konst o Deli café:
11.00–24.00 Faded.
Art exhibition by Heidi Toivainen.

16.30 Suzuki school Oktaavia. Young musicians.

17.00–19.00 Performances of Ääniä muualta sound art seminar:
17.00 Tokyo206-0812. Music Anssi Laiho, dance Jouni Järvenpää.
18.00 Corridoors of Sound. Dave Lawrence and the collective.

19.30 Lauluyhtye Twisters. Kati Hyvönen, Kreetta Blomster, Annette Sinclair. Singing Finnish classics.

21.00–23.00 Performances of Ääniä muualta sound art seminar:
21.00 Works on Tape. Experimental music from Oulu Konservatory studio, put together by Jukka Ruohomäki.
22.00 Bowies. Anssi Laiho & Teemu Ontero.
22.30 Häkki. Jaakko Vanhala & Pentti Dassum.

23.15 AINE. Shamanistista ninjamusiikkia.

15.00–19.00 Animation non-stop-motion.
Try making animation with stop-motion technique.

Oulu Comics Centre:
11.00–24.00 Comics Centre and Turku Comics Shop open.

11.00 Ruutukaava issue 2/2016 publication.

12.00–20.00 Floor Cellotaping Workshop. Tape your mind!

16.00–21.00 Artist Signing Hours:
16–17 Veli-Matti Üral: Keijo Teuras
17–18 Jyrki Mäki: Musta lipas
18–19 Mattias Elftorp (SWE): Piracy Is Liberation
19–20 Jussi Hukkanen: Maailman paskin nalle
19–20 Ilpo Koskela: Uusi Sarjakuvantekijän oppikirja
20–21 Aapo Kukko: Harmaa susi

Comics Gallery:
11.00–24.00 Mattias Elftorp: Vasta-aine.
Exhibition open, artist present at the centre.

16.00–17.00 Mattias Elftorp exhibition tour.

Valve Gallery:
11.00–24.00 Tommi Musturi – Against the Echo 2.
Comics, drawings and moving images.

Northern Photographic Centre:
11.00–24.00 Hanna Råst: Pine Needles.
Photography exhibition.
11.00–24.00 Performance Voyage 6.  International series of video performances and performance videos themed “Future / Tomorrow”. PV6 tour includes works by Caroline Blais (Canada), James Duesing (USA), Roberto Fassone (Italy), Rick Fisher & Don Rice (Canada), Andrew de Freitas (New Zealand / Canada / Brazil), Stefan Hurtig (Germany), Henri Hütt (Estonia), Linda Lenssen (The Netherlands), Michael Mallis (USA), Roberta Orlando (Italy), Johanna Reich (Germany), Pia Sirén (Finland), Niko Skorpio (Finland) ja Willem Wilhelmus (The Netherlands / Finland) & Tomasz Szrama (Poland / Finland).

16.00–17.00 Vernissage: PV6. Also opening of the sound art seminar “Ääniä muualta”.

Studio Cinema:
17.00 Record premiere: Claude Debussy – Images.
Pianist Mikko Heininen releases his first cd.

19.00 Son of Saul (Hungary 2016, K16). The winner of Best Foreign Language Film Oscar this year! Tickets 7 € from Valve ticket office.   

Courtyard / Parking lot (entry from Ojakatu):
23.00 Mattolaturi.
Dance thEATre Jumbo performing.

34. Madetoja park (E
Next to Valve house:

14.00–21.00 Photo Laundry. Photo event where visitors trade photographs hanging on clothes lines. Bring a photo – take a photo! In case of rain, in Valve lobby.


35. Oulu Cathedral (E, WC

21.00 Brass Quartet Owla with organist Péter Marosvári. Lighter programme suitable for summer nights.


36. DOM Second Hand / Vanha pappila (E, WC
Asemakatu 6 (entry through the courtyard)

17.00–20.00 Sanna Huhtela: Paintings and Sculptures. Popup exhibition, in DOM second hand.

20.00 Dom theatre group: Ajankuvia Oulusta ja vanhasta pappilasta. “Period pieces from Oulu and the old vicarage”, directed by Tuula Väänänen. In the Old Vicarage.


37. Juuttiputiikki
Hallituskatu 11

18.30–20.00 Tune your coffee and colour away the stress. Colouring-in images for adults and children, accompanied by tuning your own coffee or tea.


38. Rummers’ Club (E
Uusikatu 23

19.00–?? Patio Jam. Jamming on the beach patio as long as the jamming will take.


39. Otto Karhi park (E

18.00–21.00 Street Art Triangle. The movable free painting wall of Oulun katutaide ry: come and try your own piece! Paints provided, but you can bring your own cans, too. Cancelled if it rains..

19.00 Acoustic Ska-punk à la P.A.Ska.

20.00 Hyvinvointivaltion hautajaiset. “Funeral of the Welfare State”, a performance.

20.45 Huutomerkki Open Mic. Free stage for poets and word artists, perform your own lyrics or your favourites by others. Other kinds of performance acts are also welcome. You can book your mike time ahead at kari.ensio.miettunen(at)gmail.com or 050 363 9259 if you wish, but it is not compulsory. Electric PA provided.


40. Restaurant Puistola (E, WC
Pakkahuoneenkatu 15

16.00–22.00 Golden Nuggets and Bubbles. Pop Up Champagne Bar; Pieni Muotihuone Chic, Outi Sulkala: Unique Dresses; artist Riikka Soininen: Unique Prints.

18.00–19.00 Ari Paulow. Author signing and selling his latest novels.

20.00 KEKSI Kollektiivi Goes Lure – Puistola Stop. Dance and Pokémon hunt.


41. Kurukoru
Pakkahuoneenkatu 10

18.00–22.00 Art exhibit. Finnish fine art from slightly older eras.


42. Rotuaari (E
At the corner of Kirkkokatu and Kauppurienkatu

18.00 Groupie High School goes ART. Urban hard rock super comet with a wild reputation plays acoustic: Vinny Olave, Matt Nitro, Jay Mickey and Tiger L.A. get their boots on and take their rumble caravan to the beautiful Oulu night.


Rotuaari and Oulu marketplace
Shops in the centre of Oulu open up to 11 PM.

23.15 Fireworks display. At the Marketplace.

43. Rotuaari Stage(E
Rotuaari square
18.30 ODL 120 years concert: Ellinoora

20.00 Fashion show

21.30 Fashion show

22.00 Streetdance Show. Tanssikeskus Citydance.

44. Isokatu street arena (E
Isokatu 33, Rotuaari

18.00 Magician Elias Kvist

19.20 31. Rotuvaari sticking

19.30 Runopoika Daniel Helakorpi. Finnish Talent winner recites poetry.

45. Kesäkatu / Summer Street (E
Kauppakeskus Valkea, Isokatu 22

19.00 Tankotanssistudio Tankotaivas. Pole dancing performance

19.45 Children’s dance show. Tanssikeskus Citydance / Korttelihaipakka.

20.30 Otra. Folk music.


46. 45 Special (K18!)
Saaristonkatu 12

22.00 Temple Balls. Hard Rock band from Oulu on the fast lane – after warming up for Deep Purple and Queen in the summer, the boys are back in an intimate club gig. First viewing of their new music video followed by a steamy gig. Entrance fee 5 €.


47. Nordens Hus (E, WC
Kirkkokatu 26, courtyard

19.00–21.00 Musik Café. Musik och annat. Välkommen! Music and other things, welcome!


48. Oulu house of literature (E
Sepänkatu 9

16.00–21.00 Opend Doors to Lit House. Book launch of Ilpo Koskela’s Uusi Sarjakuvatekijän oppikirja; popup book shop and performances, eg. Heli Slunga (19.00).


49. Ommaiskortteeri (E, WC
Isokatu 47

17.00–21.00 Arts’ Night in Ommaiskortteeri. Fine artist Sampo Kaikkonen presented; LogoArt workshop with LogoArt instructor Marja-Liisa Kuukasjärvi.


50. Oulu Orthodox Cathedral (E, WC
Torikatu 74

12.00–22.00 Open house.

13.00 Prayer moment.

20.00 Akatistos prayer service.

21.00 Orthodox church music concert.


51. Ateljé Mulukku / Galleria Kooma (E
Tarkka-ampujankatu 14, Heinäpää

19.30–21.00 Poetry Disco. At least Heli Slunga, Miia Paani, Essi Kummu, Panu Ahtinen soolo, Matias Ahtinen solo, Lauri Ahtinen / Heinäpää 2016, Antti Putkonen and Poetry DJ Lonkku-Ile performing. Art exhibition Oneironauttija by Matleena Kehus.


52. Lyötynpuisto  / Lyötty park (E

18.30–19.00 Ankka Race registration.

19.00 Ankka Race start. Competition for self-floating bathing toys, alongside Laanaoja to Otto Karhi park. Travel time approximately 1,5 hours. Bring your own toy!

20.30–23.00 Oulu Space Jam Collective in the Cormic Park. Come see, dance and experience!


53. Bingo
Mäkelininkatu 29

12.00–18.00 Ville Pirinen: Satunnaisotos. Colourful art exhibit and trap.

Artist meeting: Anders Sunna. Sami artist from Jokkmokk painting a mural on Kansan Tahto building.


53. Veeran Verstas
Mäkelininkatu 29, 4th floor

19.00–00.00 Veeran Verstas House Warming Party. Live music, art exhibit and food.

19.00 Sophia Mitiku. Music.

19.45 Miki Liukkonen. Poetry.


54. Katoppa resident house (E, WC
Kauppurienkatu 23

18.00–21.00 Mezenin horse and other animals. In Finnish and Russian. Traditional ornament painting from Archangel area, vernissage of object exhibition and a workshop on traditional painting, instructor Valentina Lebedeva (RUS).


55. Karjasilta Church (E, WC, I
Nokelantie 39, Höyhtyä

19.00 August Evening Baroque Music Concert. Chamber group Valkoinen Delfiini: Tiina Nikander-Koivukangas flute and traverso, Silja Lassila violin, Kari Suvilehto vihuela and arch lute, Marko Jouste baroque guitar. Voluntary programme fee 5 €.


56. Gallery Villa Amélie
Kaljaasitie 10, Hietasaari

18.00–24.00 Arjen iloja. “Everyday joys”, artworks by Jaana Kokko-Alakärppä and Reijo Raekallio.

21.00 Concert “Elämälle” (“To Life”). Juhani Alakärppä baritone, Pekka Luukkonen piano. Entrance fee 10 €.


57. Villa Pukkila
Paattikuja 4, Hietasaari

18.00–21.00 Artist Out of the Closet! Water colour painting, wax colour drawing, writing workshop and others; popup café and Open Mic. Sauna (5 €, bring your own towel). Material cost for workshops 3 €. Photo orienteering in villa area.
19.00 Katin kukkakävely. “Kati’s flower walk”.


58. Kulttuurisiilo
Alvar Aallon katu 5, Meri-Toppila

16.00–22.00 Silo Night. Real and augmented reality, dealt by Kulttuurivoimala – Culture Power Station ry.


59. Kaijonrantala house yard (E
Kauppaporvarintie 16, Kaijonranta

15.00–18.00 Tulipahan puuhasteltua. Crafts exhibition from recycled and new materials – patchworks, knits, bags, quilts – self designed and copied.


Café Pööna (E
Albertinkatu 14

17.00–20.00 Art Exhibition by Young Immigrants.


Jumpru Pub (E
Kauppurienkatu 6

21.30 Duo Tulirinta & Elomaa. Light classic.


Architect Office Kanttia 2 (E WC
Nahkatehtaankatu 2
Entrance beside Museum of Art.

17.30–19.30 Syötävät kaupungit. “Edible Cities”. Building imaginary cities out of edible raw material.


Café Kiikku
Ainolanpolku 1, Ainolan puisto

17-00–20.00 Minttu Puutarha’s flower workshop. Workshop for everyone interested to create flower bouquet out of locally grown flowers. At café terrace, in case of rain inside the greenhouse. Magdalena Kijonková of Minttu Puutarha guiding.


Unik Uleåborg
Hallituskatu 9 / Snellman park

18.00–21.00 UNIK ULEÅBORG <3 Taiteiden Yö. Jutta Rikola art exhibition and tattoo artist Billy Onditi from Pitbull Tattoo.


Ainola Park
Somewhere between restaurant Tuba and Northern Ostrobothnian Museum

18.00–21.00 Proletarian Poetry. In Finnish. Oulu chapter of The Left Alliance recite poems of MEP Merja Kyllönen, also handing out candy.


MIA Design
Pakkahuoneenkatu 19

11.00–23.00 Live painting. Mini popup shop of Design Susanna Sivonen, with Susanna creating a painting live during the event! The unique artwork born during the evening will be raffled off at the end of the day, amongs all the visitors!


Round town, here and there:

17.00–19.00 Mobile Seita Stone. Hannu Ahosola’s trailer piece driven around town!

17.00–22.00 Impro à la Carte. Improv theatre Uniikki Unikorni makes a tour of Arts’ Night. Order from a menu!

18.00–22.00 Popup Taiji. Oulu Taiji association makes taiji and qigong presentations. Join up!

18.00–22.00 KEKSI Kollektiivi goes Lure. Performances in changing places at the best Poké stops of downtown Oulu.

18.00–00.00 BarHopping. Oulun Taikurit ry creates close magic in centre bars and pubs. K18!

Undisclosed time: Undead Roaming. The undead take over the Arts’ Night again, giving out the zombie message of joy, and inviting everyone to the Oulu Zombie Walk Anniversary on August 24th.






Programme of Oulu Arts' Night 2015:


1. Beach café Rantsu, Tuira beach
Koskitie 58

17.00–23.00 Wonderful Women on the Beach. Multiartistic group Poikkinaiset creates a journey into the world of women. Visitors are lead to experience sensations from a woman’s point of view. You can participate by dressing up accordingly, or by bringing along objects or things belonging to woman: old or new, dear or useless, sad or happy. During the evening, objects are collected into a communal art piece.


2. Summer Sauna / Kesän Sauna
Tuira beach

Sauna entry fee 4 €, take your own swimming costume!

20.30 Visit of Poikkinaiset Poetess

21.00 Sauna panel. In Finnish. Discussion about sex and erotica in Finnish literature lear by pharmacist Jarkko Korpua.


3. Hyvän mielen talo
Puusepänkatu 4

16.00–18.00 Kite Building Workshop. Kites will be flown at about 18.30 near the light traffic dam bridge in Hupisaaret park.

17.30–18.30 Meet the author: Risto Kormilainen.


4. Lawn area on the yard
Kajaaninkatu 26

13.00–13.20 Kivijalkaduuri. A short celebratory session with music (Audio Slime), speech (in Finnish) and other festivity. A gift from 70 year old Merikoskikerho to Kaltio magazine, also 70 years.


5. Galleria kajaste
Kajaaninkatu 25

19.00–21.00 Vernissage: Kerrottuja. An exhibition, works by Maija Paavola and Tiina Rämet.


6. Taito Shop Maakari
Rautatienkatu 11 B

18.00–23.00 Workshop: Knotting into the Night. Material cost 5 €. Making macramé bracelets from different strings and beads.


7. Railway pedestrian tunnel
Hallituskatu XXX

19.00 Rhythm Tunnel 2015. Percussion jam – bring your own instruments, anything from buckets to drum kits!


8. Snooker Time (K18!)
Asemakatu 28

20.00–24.00 OMVF <3 Pingisklubi. Oulu Music Video Festival teams up with Ping-Pong Club. See the award-winning videos from 2014, play group table tennis, enjoy music. The first ever DJ set by OlliPA!


9. Neliö-Galleria
Asemakatu 37

11.00–21.00 Takaumia. Exhibition by Eeva-Kaisa Jakkila and Jussi Valtakari, paintings and sculptures.


10. Arkkitehtitoimisto Kanttia 2
Nahkatehtaankatu 2

Entrance across the road from Art Museum.

15.00–18.00 Karkkitehtuuria! Candytecture! Build model houses out of candy. Listen to the stairwell concert. Also a participatory photo project.


11. Åströminpuisto
Mannenkatu 1

18.00–22.00 Dance Tent. Oulun Tanssikomppania ry (Oulu Dance Company) serves individual, very short dance performances to one spectator at a time. Experience fee 1–2 €.


12. Tuba – Food and lounge
Mannenkatu 2

10.00–23.00 Kumarru, niin näet Vol 2.0. Photo exhibition by Rauno Koskela.

12.00 Poetry Lunch. Eeva Holma reading her poetry. In Finnish.

16.00 The Chamber Musicians of Oulu Symphony.

17.00 Jonne Piltonen: Poetry. In Finnish.

17.30 Stage Performance by Jere Vartiainen. Duration 20 min. The Poetry Slam Finnish Champion 2014 and silver medallist 2015.

18.00 Uniikki Unikorni: Improvisational Theatre Performance. Improv based on freeform, mostly in Finnish.

19.00 Artist talks: Rosa Liksom and Lauri Ahtinen.

20.00 Monologue: Lapin punaiset hanget. Topi Mikkola performs a short sample of a monologue written by Rosa Liksom, based on life and work of Annikki Kariniemi.

20.30 Stage Performance by Jere Vartiainen. Duration 20 min. The Poetry Slam Finnish Champion 2014 and silver medallist 2015.

21.00 Jonne Piltonen: Poetry. In Finnish.

21.30 Mielikarkki. Pop music.


13. Oulu Museum of Art
Kasarmintie 7

10.00–22.00 Free entry all day long. Exhibitions: Quilt Visions / Kaukovainio / Lennokkaasti keinuen / Art Couture.

10.00–22.00 TunneKuva Corner. Images from TunneKuva workshops in black and white prints.

10.00–22.00 Jouni Kesti in memoriam. A memorial exhibition, works by the late artist from own collection in Satula space until August 30.

17.00 Näkyjen Saari – A Guided Tour. In Finnish. The exhibited artworks in Hupisaaret park have been created in open workshops out of recycled materials. Guided tour starts in front of the Museum of Art and ends up at Rapumaja (place no 15).

18.00 Guided Tours to Museum Exhibitions. In Finnish.

18.00–21.00 Quilting by Oulun Tilkkufröökynät and textile artist Vuokko Isaksson. Within Quilt Visions.

18.00–21.00 Jewellery Workshop in Reppu. Non-stop, material cost 5 €.

19.00 Performance by Moosa Myllykangas. Within exhibition Art Couture.

20.00–20.45 Mozart & Manfred. Violinist Silja Lassila and flautist Tiina Nikander play solo works by Manfred Gräsbeck and duet tunes from The Magic Flute by W. A. Mozart.


14. Oulu Museum of Art Backyard

18.00–late: TAKANA. Produced by Urban Rage (Anniina Valjus, Juha Nissinen, Iida Räsänen). Workshopping and exploring.


15. Dammisaaren Rapumaja (Crab Hut)
Hupisaaret park, entry via Kasarmintie behind Art Museum

14.00–18.30 Cabin Obscura. An empty hut at the peak of Dammisaari goes to photography’s roots, and fills the hut with light using camera obscura. By Joonas Mikola.

14.00–16.30 Crochet Piknik and Craftivism Workshop. Bring along your unfinished knits and crochets, or just hear about craftivism, gentle crafts activism. Make small crochet graffiti.

16.30 Performance "Suuntauksia". Visual artists Jaakko Heikkinen and Heikki Länkinen, duration 5 min.

Rapumaja stage:

17.00 Surasith. Hypnotic-psychedelic blues. https://soundcloud.com/khim-s-mangmeesri

18.00 Teija-Anneli Heijastusten ja näkyjen Lasaretinväylällä. A poetry performance (in Finnish) using Cabin Obscura.


16. Hupisaaret park
Ainola park, behind Oulu Museum of Art

18.00–19.30 Free Sample Lesson. Dance Theatre Haarahyppy gives joy of creative dance to all sizes, shapes and ages. Be brave and participate!


17. Kiikkusaari (Kiikku Island)
Ainola Park, Hupisaaret

15.00–18.00 Animals on Paper – Our Image of Lives of Animals. Workshopping pictures and poems about animals, the results are collected into exhibition that is hung within the trees in the park.

12.00–21.00 Hupisaarten tarinapaikat / Hupisaaret Story Spots. The Greenhouses and a Story Tent are open to all interested in hearing or telling stories.
12.00–16.30 Story karaoke, fishing for stories, story jukebox. Share your own story related to the Hupisaaret Park!
16.30 Prize event: the winners of the story competition are announced.
17.00  Storytelling (in Finnish): Naima Kurvisen ”Tarinoita menneisyydestä” (Eija Paso); TariNoita ”Meidän Pate” (Annina Rokka); AurinkoAUkkosen ”Joiku Auringolle, Ukille ja Tyttärelle” (Timo Lappalainen) etc.
18.00–20.00 Story karaoke, fishing for stories, story jukebox. Share your own story related to the Hupisaaret Park!
20.00–21.00 Let All Flowers / Antaa kaikkien kukkien. Story flowers blooming, growth helped by Story Theatre Tähellinen Tovi (dir. Liisa Vilppola).


18. Alakööki
Kiikkusaari, Hupisaaret

13.00–15.00 Soiva Siili Jukebox. The children’s music duo playing, probably outside with the sun!


19. The Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia
Ainola Park

10.00–22.00 Free Entry to the Museum.

17.00 Introduction to the Exhibition “Sara Wacklinin jäljillä”. In Finnish. Museum lector Arja Keskitalo with FM Riitta Mäkelä.

17.00–20.00 Café Hanna Å. In front of the Museum.


20. Behind the Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia
Ainolan puisto

22.00 Onsegen Ensemble and Tulikukka. Progressive music with visual projections. Fire group Tulikukka throw flames around.


21. Lammassaari

12.00 Official Opening of Oulu Arts’ Night. The Artistic Director Paavo J. Heinonen says a few words.


22. Under the Ämmänväylä Bridge

24.00 Ämmänväylän räyhähenki. Uh ja Ah. Mostly percussive event.


23. Tähtitorni Café
Linnansaari 1

11.00–01.30 Dark in the Lighthouse. Exhibition by Mervi Niemitalo andHanna Schroderus.

17.00 Soiva Siili. Music.

18.00 Record launch: Heikki Ruokangas & Joni Nyberg. The debut album by jazz guitar duo, Change of Thought (F-ire Records), comes out in August.

19.00 Poetry and Aphorisms. In Finnish. Poet Miia Paani and aphoristic Eero Suvilehto.

20.30 Arat härät. The most beautiful porn songs this side of the Arctic Circle.

22.15 The Skandinistas. Charismatic three man duo play ska/rocksteady/reggea acoustic.

23.00 Book launch: Jarmo Stoor. The ninth book by Stoor, Motelli (Into kustannus). Music form Latistajat, who are words of Jarmo Stoor and instruments by Heikki Hallanoro.

23.45 Jukka Takalo. Songs from the book Jokainen on vähän homo. Tarinoitu laulukirja (Nispero 2014).

00.20 Rommakko. A folk group from Oulu. Music.

01.05 Outolintu+Mesikämmenet. Big boys’ songs. Rude music.

Cellar and the stone stairs:

22.00–23.00 OYT: Suuri Peto! A preview of Oulu Student Theatre production Suuri Peto! (A Great Beast!) premiering next January. Moods, rituals and magic.


24. Pikisaari Old Wool Factory Ateliers
Pikisaarentie 17

15.00–22.00 Open Doors to Ateliers. The artists Sakari Matinlauri, Jyrki Poussu, Jaakko Pernu, Karoliina Niemelä, Lauri Rankka, Raimo Törhönen and Niilo Komulainen (and possibly others) open their ateliers for public viewing.

19.00–21.00 Art in images, song and play. An aluminium casting show, music by Ja Rokki Soi Choir and Oulun Muusikko Martat ry.

20.00 Pimeän polte / Heat of Dark. Magic of fire displayed by Tulikukka.


25. Sokeri-Jussin kievari
Pikisaarentie 2

Short acoustic performances, at least this one:

20.00 Dane Theatre Hämy Musicians. Finnish folk music by Tanssiteatteri Hämy’s band.


26. Oulun City Library
Kaarlenväylä 3

12.00–13.00 40th Anniversary Celebration of the Library Truck. Hosted by the folk artist M. A. Numminen, oration by deputy city leader Pia Rantala-Korhonen, performing on stage the children’s choirs from Oulunlahti school and Montessori kindergarten, as well as Kirjaston Meripoijjaat singing sea shanties from Oulu.

16.50 Poems by Tapio Nyyssönen. The lobby.

17.30 16.00 The Chamber Musicians of Oulu Symphony. 2nd floor, piazza of grown-up loans section.

18.00 Film: Paddington. Pakkala hall, age recommendation 7, duration 95 min. Presented by Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival

18.00–20.00 The Theme is Love. Reading room, 1st floor. Songs of love by Oulu groups:

18.00 Poloku

18.30 Lemmenpelurit

19.00 Toiset meistä

19.30 Cassiopeian lauluryhmä

18.00–22.00 Workshop: Poetry and Colouring in. Reading room, 1st floor. Magazine cut-up poetry and colouring images.

18.00–22.00 Removed Books Sale. 2nd floor.

18.00–22.00 Mobbiilikirjasto. Lobby. Mobile library on a cart.

18.00–22.00 Amiga Gaming Dungeon. 3rd floor, Provincial Collection Room.  Gaming Dungeon by Finnish Amiga Users has several retro games on several Amiga 1200 computers.

19.00 Lauch of the New Reading Passport. 2nd floor piazza. New Reading Passport includes fiction translated into Fininsh.

19.00–20.00 Tunnelmallinen yösatutunti / Ambient Fairytale Hour. In Finnish, 2nd floor Fairytale Corner in Children’s section. Recommendation 4 years and up.

20.00–22.00 OuluFolk. Lobby. Three groups from OuluFolk: Kirjoswing (a choir), Doggerland and Väisänen.


27. In Front of City Theatre
Kaarlenväylä 2

17.00–21.00 Family Workshop by Taideovi.com. In the Taideovi.com tent you can try watercolour painting, drawing with colour pencils, finger painting, recycled art etc. Most original or impressive work will be awarded! A virtual exhibition of Taideovi.com member artists.

17.30 Improv group Ulla&Bori. Oulu Student Theater improve theatre group causing shame and bursts of laughter. Recommended for over 15 year olds.


28. Oulu City Theatre
Kaarlenväylä 2

16.00–21.00  Exhibition: Esa Leskelä, Matias Leskelä, Tapio Nyyssönen. Main stage lobby gallery.

16.00–19.00 Theathre Wardrobe Fleamarket. Downstairs lobby.

17.00 Discussion: Taivaslaulu suurelle näyttämölle. In Finnish. Director Heta Haanperä and author Pauliina Rauhala. You need to collect the free tickets from theatre sales desk.

18.00 Open Rehearsal: Taivaslaulu. Main stage, You need to collect the free tickets from theatre sales desk.

18.00 Open Rehearsal: Musta munkki. Small stage, You need to collect the free tickets from theatre sales desk.

18.30 Band with Surprise Vocalists. Theatre Restaurant Vänmanni.

20.00 Örkit. Theatre Restaurant Vänmanni. Improv theatre with Heli Haapalainen, Mikko Korsulainen, Janne Raudaskoski, Pentti Korhonen and the musician Harri Laakkonen.

Theatre Restaurant Vänmanni gives out free coffee for the first 200 customers.


29. Elba
Behind Kiikeli

05.00–05.45 (pe) Finnegan's Wake – the last paragraph. Paavo J. Heinonen reads the final, 9-page long paragraph from James Joyce’s masterwork. Please remember to listen in silence.


30. Ravintola Sassi
Hallituskatu 1

18.00–19.00 Tiia Erämeri duo. Music.

21.00–22.00 Tiia Erämeri duo. Music.


31. Petrellin Saluuna (K18!)
Rantakatu 4

20.30 Irish Music Session. Welcome to an evening of live traditional Irish music by local and visiting musicians to launch the 10th anniversary Irish Festival of Oulu. Dancers, musicians and listeners welcome! The Irish Festival of Oulu.


32. EverWhatGalleria
Susiteetti, Pakkahuoneenkatu 2

12.00–24.00 Arts’ Night, Whatever. Or EverWhat.

19.00 Surasith. Man with a guitar.

20.00 KEKSI-kollektiivi. Street dance.

20.15 Julian Owusu. Spoken word.

22.00–23.00 Rites for the Digital Shaman. The Digital Shaman emerges into an underground cave in central Oulu. Fusing contemporary dance with responsive projection and a live generated soundtrack, TaikaBox creates a unique and powerful experience, shifting ancient energy into the digital age. This performance installation is part of an ongoing research project into ancient mysticism and improvised ritual enhanced with cutting-edge technology, and will be broadcast live via Periscope. See taikabox.com for more details.


33. PROTO designtori
Pakkahuoneenkatu 5

16.00–22.00 Designtori open. Potter’s wheel presentations by Chris White during the evening.

19.00 Fashion Show. In front of Non Boutique.


34. Uusi Muoti
Torikatu 9

0.00–24.00 Window Display Exhibition at Uusi Muoti. Works from art shop ARTo.


35. Galleria 5
Hallituskatu 5

12.00–20.00 Lady Quilts the Blues. Retrospective exhibition and 50 year artist celebration by Vuokko Isaksson.


36. ARTtila at ARTo
Hallituskatu 5

12.00–20.00 Äkkäyksiä. Works by Kaarina Kuusisto-Lukkari.


37. Cultural House Valve
Hallituskatu 7


16.00 Opening of Cultural Magazine Gallery Oulu. A permanent selection from the 200 members of Kultti ry, the union of Finnish cultural and science magazines available for reading. Publications of the new issues of Stiiknafuulia, Ruutukaava and Kaltio, along with Ville Ranta’s comic album.

Konst o. deli café stage:

17.00 Duo Emerald. Folk music and other tunes on violin and piano, performed by Johanna Laurila and Leena Heikkinen.

17.50 Samppa + Brent. Traditional Irish music and Gaelic song featuring tin whistle, uillean pipes and bodhrán.

18.40 Mielikarkki. Pop music

19.30 Suzuki School Oktaavia. Around 20 young pupils perform for about 15 minutes.

20.00 Hulentka. Music.

21.00 Cross Move Company. Dance performances, group and solo.

22.00 Juuke ’77. One man punk band.

22.40 Antti Näpänkangas: Ja gram na puzonie. Trombone art with an opinion.

23.10 Kurjen lento. Jazz orchestra from Oulu.

Video workshop:

15.00–19.00 Animation non-stop-motion. In a non-stop workshop you can make a stop-motion animation, come and go whenever you wish during the four-hour period!

Oulu Comics Centre:

11.00–24.00 Late Opening Hours at Oulu Comics Centre and Turku Comics Shop. In the exhibition space Muumien jäljillä / Tracing the Moomins – New Characters for the Beloved Books.

11.00–21.00 Floor Sellotape Workshop. Join in ornamenting the floors of the centre with scotch tape. Artist signing sessions, eg.
18.30 Ilpo Koskela: Lusia

13.00–15.00 Drawing Table. For the younger ones, drawing, colouring etc.


10.00–23.00 Daniel Nagy: P.P.P. Project. Fine art.

Northern Photographic Centre:

10.00–23.00 Exhibitions open. Eija Timonen: Jäisiä Unia / Dreams of Ice and Nanna Saarhelo: How to Imitate Gray Weather.

Studio Cinema:

15.00 Premiere: Uusiokäyttösatu. Childrens’ animation by Mikko Jylhä and Kati Juvani. Duration7 minutes.

18.00 Yliluonnollista. A short film of 10 minutes pays homage with a gentle parodic twist to the virally popular series Supernatural. Dir. Anssi Vieruaho and Mikko-Pekka Karlin, written and produced by Anssi Vieruaho.

19.00 Premiere: Uusiokäyttösatu. Childrens’ animation by Mikko Jylhä and Kati Juvani. Second screening. Duration 7 minutes.

20.40 World Premiere: short film Tarttuvaa. An absurd horror comedy. Duration 9 minutes. No good for under 7 year olds.

38. Madetoja park
Ojakatu embankment:

16.00–21.00 Photo Laundry. An event where visitors exchange photographs. Northern Photographic Centre sets up some lines on the trees, where you can hang your photos. Bring one, take one!


39. Madetoja Park
Leevi Madetoja statue embankment:

20.00 Bark Ship Squadron – ART Greetings from Oulu! A squadron of bark ships is launched on the Plaanaoja ditch, to take the messages on their birchbark sails to the world. You can follow the ships’ journey at taideyhdistysultramarin.blogspot.fi. Bring your own ship, too! Launch speech by Kristian Järvi, recital of V. A. Koskenniemi poetry by Anja Salo.


40. Oulu Cathedral
Kirkkokatu 3a

21.00 Concert: Harp and Organ. Kirsi Kiviharju harp, Kalevi Kiviniemi church organ. Free Entry. Programme fee 7 €.


41. City Hall front yard
Kirkkokatu 2 A

18.00 Reality in the Life of a Handicapped. Performance of what really can happen, when the city reduces the personal assistant hours vital to the assisted person.


42. Juuttiputiikki
Hallituskatu 11

17.30–20.30 Tuning Shop: Fairly from Junk into Art and Implements. Tuning, ornamenting nad renewing small items with jute string.

18.00–18.30 Rytmiryhmä Uh ja Ah. Percussive performance.


43. Puistokahvila Makia yard
Otto Karhi park

19.30 Extracts from the Moose Hunting Ballet. Choreography Alexandra Rustamova, Choreograph’s assistant Aino Raiskila, direction Alexandra Rustamova and Jenni Harju, dancing the adult balleteers of Oulun esittävän taiteen koulu Lenninsiipi.


44. Restaurant Puistola
Pakkahuoneenkatu 15

16.00–22.00 Pop Up Champagne Bar.

18.00–22.00 Pop Up Chic: Dancing Dresses. On the patio. Vogueing performance 18.00; dresses by designer Outi Sulkala.

18.00–22.00 Pop Up unique prints. Monotypes by Riikka Soininen.

18.00–19.45 Meet the Author: Ari Paulow. Signing and selling his recent Jesse Hackman detective novel Kultainen kotka.


45. Rotuaari Stage
Rotuaari Square

17.45–22.30 Korttelihaipakka. Eg. Taikuri Kari magic show, Fashion shows, Brass Quintet of Oulu Symphony, Street dance show. 18.30 surprise! Korttelihaipakka ends with fireworks at marketplace 22.15.


45. Loisto screen on stage

10.00–23.00 Kumarru, niin näet Vol 2.0. Rauno Koskela photo exhibition.


46. Ruohonjuuri
Kirkkokatu 8

16.00–21.00 Mandala paintings by Sonja Friman. In the display windows.

Fairy tale massage to kids.


47. Oluthuone Leskinen
Kirkkokatu 10

12.00–02.00 Tiina Vehkaperä present: Hetkinen... Find the artwork by the sculptor 30.7.–30.8. ots.artoulu.fi/taiteilija/vehkapera-tiina

21.30 Dance Theatre Hämy. Performing on the street in front of the bar.


48. Akateeminen Book Shop
Kirkkokatu 14, 3 krs.

17.00–21.00 The Night of Books in Akateeminen. Interviewers Jenni Kinnunen and Pauli Vepsäläinen, in Finnish.

17.00 Inga Röning: Hippiäinen (Tammi)

17.30 Jarmo Stoor: Hotelli (Into)

18.00 Essi Kummu: Harjoituspusuja (Tammi) ja Lauri Ahtinen: Homepäiväkirja (Like)

19.00 Jonna Pulkkinen: Kieltolaki (Minerva)

19.30 Jorma Koski: Riekkomailla (Karisto)

20.00 Ari Paulow: Kultainen kotka (Mistake Media)

20.30 Ilpo Koskela: Lusia (Like)


49. Robert’s Coffee
Kirkkokatu 16, 2 krs.

18.30 Suzuki School Oktaavia. Around 20 young pupils perform.


50. The Waiting Room
Andante Oy, Kirkkokatu 17 B 23

19.00–22.00 PÄNTTÄJÄLLÄ. PÄNTTÄJÄLLÄ is a cabin. What happens there? Come and see at The Waiting Room! Performance, video art and paintings. Open doors.


51. 45 Special (K18!)
Saaristonkatu 12

20–22 Battle of Bands. Timekillers vs. Joma Orchestra. Door charge 2,50 €.


53. Finnkino Plaza
Torikatu 32

Siirin päivät VIII: “Theodor Luts, elokuvamies ja seikkailija.”

A day of films and lectures, in Finnish.

9.00 Pekka ja Pätkä pahassa pulassa. Armand Lohikoski 1955, 73 min, school screening.

15.00 Opening of the event

15.10 Kari Uusitalo: Theodor Luts, Suomen-kauden alku. Lecture.

16.10 Golden Rolling Pin award

16.45 Tulitikkuja lainaamassa. T. J. Särkkkä & Yrjö Norta 1938, 72 min.

18.15 Kari Uusitalo: Theodor Luts, Suomen-kauden loppu ja sen jälkeiset vaiheet. Lecture.

19.15 Discussion.


54. Oulu orthodox cathedral
Torikatu 74

10.00–23.00 Open Doors.

13.00 Prayer.

20.00 Akatistos prayer service.

21.30 A concert of orthodox church music.


55. Ateljé Mulukku / Galleria Kooma
Tarkka-ampujankatu 14, Heinäpää

20.00 Poetry Disco. The weirdest and most “themselves” poetic acts and performers. DJ music in between.

All the time: Einari Hyvönen: Spatia II. Exhibition.


56. Kynnys-galleria
Kumppanuuskeskus, Isokatu 47

17.30 Vernissage: art and dress exhibition”Kirjokansi kilkutteli”. In Finnish and Russian. Water colours on the Kalevala, textiles and Karelian national costumes by Irina Poroshina. Video of Ilotar fashion theatre performance. Antti Kivimäki’s renditions of Kalevala.


57. Lyötynpuisto

17.00–23.00 Cosmic Park.

20.30–22.00 Oulu Space Jam Collective. Plays an improvised space rock jam. With painting and dance.


58. Bingo
Mäkelininkatu 29

12.00–22.00 Bingo Arts’ Night. Open decks, Hylätyt kamat vernissage, music, kicker-tournament (starts at noon!).

19.00–21.00 Hylätyt kamat vernissage.


59. Bus trip to Tyrnävä Arts’ Night
Leaves at 18.00 in front of City Hall, Kirkkokatu 3

18.00–21.00 Tyrnävä Dairy and Marketplace Arts’ Night. An atmospheric journey across the wide expanses to the idyllic old dairy area with music, stories and art – and a fortune teller!


60. Luulaja Park
Kaukovainionkatu 47–51, Karjasilta

10.00–22.00 Puusta sinä olet tullut. Wood sculpture exhibition, with Hannu Ahosola (Oulu), Sanna Heikkilä (Rovaniemi), Toni Iskulehto (Liminka), Niilo Komulainen (Oulu), Jouko Keskiaho (Pudasjärvi), Juha Rikhard Käkelä (Ylöjärvi), Aila Price (Rovaniemi), Jorma Styng (Oulu).

16.00 Guided Tour. Jorma Styng.


61. Ateljee-Galleria Kaikkonen
Muhoksentie 750, Ylikiiminki

17.00–20.00 Ateljee-Galleria Kaikkonen open doors. Paintings by Sampo Kaikkonen and photographs by Tiina Honka.


62. Heidi Toivainen studio
K2 Artists’ house, Hiukkavaara, Hiukanpiha 25

18.00–20.00 Open doors.


63. Studio Mary Gregory
Hiukkavaara K3 building, cellar level, Hiukanpiha

18.00–20.00 Studio Mary Gregory -vierailu. The artist’s studio is in the cellar of the K3 building in Hiukkavaara, Hiukanpiha – next to the K2 building. Languages: Finnish and English (multicultural people WELCOME).


64. Osuuspankki display window
Isokatu 14

00.01–24.00 Jyrki Tammi: Breaking Point. The autumn season Oulu Artists’ Association artist is Jyrki Tammi.


65. Venka&Vinka
Aitta 16, Oulun Kauppatori (Saaristonkatu)

11.00–17.00 Adult colouring workshop. Colouring workshop for all ages in the attic, surrounded by the exhibition “Amethyst Forest”. Material fee 5 €.


66. Kofeiinikomppania
Aitta 16, Oulun Kauppatori

11.00–19.00 Initium Novus. Exhibition by Timo Salomäki taidenäyttely. Collages in homage to new beginnings. Tea from samovar.


67. Kurukoru
Pakkahuoneenkatu 10

18.00–22.00 Art Exhibition. A collection of Finnish art cross the decades.


68. Galleria Villa Amélie
Kaljaasintie 10, Hietasaari

18.00–22.00 Opening of Galleria Villa Amélie. Exhibited are works by Jaana Kokko-Alakärppä and Sakari Matinlaur. Baritone Juhani Alakärppä and pianist Pekka Luukkonen take the audiences to Slavic ambience every hour from 18.00. Creative workshop for kids, Frisbee golf and visit from the Ponipiha animals.


69. Aste Brandstore
Aitta 7, Oulun Kauppatori

17.00–21.00 Astetta Paremmat Afterit. Buy snow and support Oulu University Hospital Children’s ward! 1 euro per snowball, all the money goes to good cause! Photograph yourself with genuine Ruka snow and post to Instagram or Facebook, #RukaGoesOulu and #Ruka, prizes will be given!


70. Kahvila Makasiini (K18!)
Oulun Kauppatori

19.00–23.00 Oulu Folk Live Music:

19.00 Erakot trio

20.00 Väisänen

20.50 Floorflower 1.0

21.30 Hulentka

22.30 2–7 Miehen trio


71. Autosaari Parking Hall, level 1A
Kauppurienkatu 24

Free parking all night.

18.00–21.00 Länkinen & Molander = Päällekkäin parkkihallissa. Art exhibition.


72. Caritas Kippari
Kauppalinnankatu 1 E, Linnanmaa

10.30–11.00 Iloksi itselle ja muille: Soap Bubble Fireworks. Blowing soap bubbles for joy of everyone. In front of Caritas Kippari.


73. Snellman Park

15.00–21.00 Iloksi itselle ja muille: handcraft aquarium. Aquarium built in the daytime activity centre Caritas Kippari.


Central Oulu here and there

18.00–20.00  Pop-up Taiji. Oulu Taiji club show group performs short demos of 5 to 10 minutes with music.

Some time: Undead About. Zombie Walk Oulu will be held in September 26th, and the wandering undead take over the Oulu Arts’ Night, too. Photograph yourself in the Zombie Walk Selfie Wheelchair!


Around Town

18.00–22.00 Concrete Jungle – Urban Dance in Changing Locations. KEKSI Collective brings urban dance to where people are. Keep you eyes and ears open!


Bars in Central Oulu (K18!)
Here and there

18.00–24.00 BarHopping. The Magicians of Oulu tour the bars and joints of Oulu with their tricks again this year.




The programme of 2014 Oulu Arts Night (21.8.2014):


All Oulu Arts' Night events are free of charge, unless otherwise stated! Events requiring adult age are marked (K18!), also some (K15) events. Some outdoors events will be cancelled if it is raining.



Hoodownr is a game application available for Android platform, with which experiencing things together is made easy and fun. For Oulu Arts’ Night, a version of hoodownr is available that guides You to find those events You are most interested in. You can download the application August 20th or 21st at hoodownr.com!


Toppila marketplace

11–16 Meet you at Toppilan tori. Workshops and events for the whole family. In “Tori talks” workshop stories from Toppila are transformed into images and words. Produced by Culture PowerStation, Oulu Comics Centre and Cultural cooperative Ilme.


Gallery Art Halvare
Saarelansaarentie 11, Saarela

18–21 Vernissage: Lukin, Holma, Hanhela. Paintings and graphics from Hannu Lukin, Antti Holma and Anssi Hanhela.


Riekkotie 6, Parkkisenkangas

19.00 TORNADO. Tickets 15/8/5 €. An intimate contemporary theatre performance or a home party. In Finnish.


The backyard of the youth workshop space
Tykistökatu 13, Intiö

16.00 onwards: Free Hands on the Free Wall. Oulu street art project has put up an open street art wall in which everyone can participate.


Summer Sauna
Tuira beach

17–02 Arts Night Sauna. Check if there’s any more programme, but at least the following (both in Finnish):

23.45 Hot steam! Paavo J. Heinonen reads contemporary erotic literature.

00.15 ”For whom is it really meaningful to live in modern Oulu?” The ensemble of Tornado theatre piece lead the audience into discussion. Might include monologic excerpts from the play.


Science Centre Tietomaa
Nahkatehtaankatu 6

20.30 Sea REx: Prehistoric journey (20.30): Arts’ Night special giant cinema screening, approx. 40 minutes, tickets 5 €.


Oulu Museum of Art
Kasarmintie 7

10–22 Age of The Dinosaur. Discount tickets 10 € for the whole day!

10–22 A Sense of Time – The Story of OMA’s Collection. Free entry to the museum’s 50th anniversary exhibition.

18–21 Street painting workshop. For over 12 year olds, no advance registration. Max. 20 people at any one time. Cancelled if it rains.

19.00 Guided Tour to A Sense of Time. In Finnish.

18.00–18.30 and 20.00–20.30 Elevator Muzak. The artist Tuomio Karvonen creates music in the Art Museum’s cargo elevator.

18.00–21.30 Film Night for Dogs. Our canine friends (and their people) are welcome to a screening of animal videos in the garage of Oulu Museum of Art, in the spirit of the forthcoming exhibition Keep Your Tail Up!

Museum of Art backyard

20.00 Missing Kiss; photographs of Vesa Ranta. Missing Kiss is the new video work by photographer Martu Väisänen, who has been searching for the magical meeting by filming pairs of strangers kissing. Photographer Vesa Ranta presents his recent photographs. Also present is the energetic band Impivaara, who play a gig.


Oulun Energia office customer area
Kasarmintie 6

8–16 Oulun Energia 125th anniversary exhibition.


Hyvän mielen talo
Puusepänkatu 4

18–20 Recycled Lantern workshop and a procession. Starting on Wednesday (5 PM to 8 PM), the lantern workshop will finish at around 8 PM, when the lanterns will form a procession towards Ainola park.


Tuba – Food and lounge
Mannenkatu 2

18.00 Poetry Slam Finnish Champion 2014 Jere Vartiainen. In Finnish, about 15 minutes. K15.

18.20 Kotimainen mies. A local group formed in 2010. Group’s patio rock should not be confused with stadium rock.

19.00 Cauris. Pop-folk music in Finnish. Anna-Maria Tirroniemi keyboard and vocals, Heidi Immonen vocals, Matti Viita-aho guitar, Hannu Päkkilä base guitar, Matias Haapaniemi drums.

20.00 Uniikki Unikorni: Improv theatre. Improvisation theatre in Finnish.

21.00 As 18.00 above.

21.30 Mighty Mate. Acoustic gig.


Lasaretinväylän Wanha Woimala
Kasarmintie 3

16–20 The Arts’ Night at the Art Hall. Chance to visit the forthcoming Oulu Art Hall building under renovation, and several pop-up exhibitions:

Ilpo Koskela: Comics in Translation. Ilpo Koskela’s work in Swedish, English, Russian, French and Berber. Volumes of Koskela’s books for sale in Sedish and English.

Tuomas Mujunen: Poster Art for Oluthuone Leskinen. Posters from years 2006–2014.

Kati Leinonen: Mobile Project. Leinonen uses a 19th century wet-plate collodion technique to film portraits and develops images in a mobile dark room. In case of rain Mobile studio will be replaced with a small art exhibition.

There might be also some music and lyric in association with Huutomerkki.


Sahasaari, Mannenkatu 6

15.00 Työryhmän esitys Oulun kaupunkikulttuurin toimenpideohjelmaksi. Palautettu valmisteluun. A white paper for Oulu city culture, not accepted by the city board, read by the artistic director Paavo J. Heinonen in Finnish.


Hupisaaret city park (The Fun Isles)

16–21 Viking Camp. Oulu larp association OIEI ry and historical dance troupe Louhen korpit build a Viking camp with tents and old dresses. Dance and music.

Grassy Field behind Art Museum
20.30–21.00 Lantern Procession arrives, something happens.
The procession leaving Hyvän mielen talo at 8 PM arrives. www.hyvanmielentalo.fi/mielipaletti

Nearby the historical museum of Northern Ostrobothnia
15.00 onward: ”Näytinki”: fine art.
A Pop-Up exhibit by Tanja Koistinen and Mau Järvinen.

17–19 Street art painting. Spray-painting with one’s own hands, arranged by University of Oulu Students’ Union Arts and Events section.

Behind the historical museum of Northern Ostrobothnia
FolkJam® in the park. Dance exercise developed in the Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Anyone can take part – no previous experience in dancing required. Hosted by dance instructor (AMK) Hanna Poikela.

Starts at Rauhala restaurant yard
18.00–19.30 Walking tour “Hupisaaret iltayöstä” (Isles of Joy by evening).
Free tour to the archeological sites and historical buildings of the area. Lead in Finnish by Pentti Koivunen and Mauno Heikkilä of Oulu-Seura ry.

Paradise Island
22.30 Magina.
Keep off.


Museum of Northern Ostrobothnia
Ainolan puisto

10–22 Retro Kitsch Design – what a museum collects. Free Arts’ Night entrance to this and other exhibitions in the museum.

17.00 Guided tour to the permanent exhibition. In Finnish.

17–21 Café Hanna Å in front of the museum. Inside if rainy.


Ainola park, The Isles of Joy

13.00–15.00 Soiva Siili Jukebox
The children’s music group Soiva Siili plays requests from their repertoire at Alakööki, aka Gingerbread House. Feel free to come and go.


Cafe Kiikku
Ainola park

Sara Riesenmey: I'll buy your healthy young heart for $ 150 000. The paper work by the Swiss artist in reisdence at KulttuuriKauppila, Ii, displayed for the Arts’ Night.

15.00–17.00  Arts workshop lead by Mirka Kortesoja. For the small and why not for the bigger ones, too, of the family. Cake pictures of your dreams will be hung from café ceiling for everybody’s happiness.

19.00 and 21.00 Sana. A rapper from Oulu performs her best pieces.


Lammassaari (The Sheep Isle)

12.00 The official opening ceremony of Oulu Arts Night. Words by the artistic director Paavo J. Heinonen, other programme rather scarce and uninteresting.


Tähtitorni café
Linnansaari 1

Cultural layer cake

11–02 Nightmares with No Worries. An exhibition by Taneli Rantakokko.

14–17 Oulu Comics Centre magnet and post card workshop. If possible, takes place in the patio.

20–02 Record player in the cellar.

16.30 Mielikarkki. A musical group with their ruminating songs.

18.00 Soiva Siili. Children’s music duo.

19.00 Oulu Authors’ Society master performers. Miia Paani reads her poems and maybe aphorisms, Eero Suvilehto likewise, the duo Latistajat (Jarmo Stoor and Heikki Hallanoro) performs compositions on Stoor’s novels. Text in Finnish.

20.00 Handing out the Pakkala prize of Oulu Authors’ society.

20.30 Jukka Takalo. The beloved singer-songwriter has now also written a book! In Finnish.

21.30 Mesikämmenet. Rude traditional songs. In Finnish.

22.30 The Skandinistas. Plays ska/rocksteady/reggae acoustic. Sakke Kuusisto & Andy Sutela.

23.30 Kunni Kaspala & Viekas Rosvo. Hymns in another manner. J. Valppu guitar and vocals, J. Seilonen drums.

24.00 Mighty Mate. An acoustic set from the Oulu band.

01.00 Jukka Takalo with Maakinen Mysteeri trio. More music.


Ye Olde Woolle Factorie
Pikisaarentie 13

12–24 Open doors at artists’ workrooms. Riitta Helevä, Antti Holma, Niilo Komulainen, Sakari Matinlauri, Kirsti Muinonen, Karoliina Niemelä, Jaakko Pernu, Jyrki Poussu, Lauri Rankka and Veikko Törmänen open the doors to their workrooms. Some exhibitions and work demos.


Sokeri-Jussin kievari
Pikisaarentie 2

21.00 2–7 miehen trio. Jolly band perform as a duo.


Oulun city library
Kaarlenväylä 1

17–22 Arts’ Night in the Main Library. All loaning depts. Open until 10 PM. Mobbile library in the lobby, or outside if the weather is good.

Fine art in the main library – new guide to a self-made arts tour available.

Pakkalan sali

17.00 Muumi ja vaarallinen juhannus. Cinema show, in Finnish, 76 min. Moomin adventure made in 2008.

19.00 Peter von Bagh: Muisteja. A documentary film in Finnish, imaging interpretation provided by Heidi Siira and Pohjois-Pohjanmaan Näkövammaiset ry.


18–21 Half hour craft shop. Books removed from the collection formed into new uses. Paper hedgehogs, gift bags and other fun things to be made. No cost, materials provided. Guided by textile work teacher Anu Junes-Kähkölä.

21.00 Funktio. A funking cover band formed in 2012 by physics and maths studens plays funk, soul and disco classics. www.facebook.com/funktio

Magazine reading dept

18–21 Songs and music every half hour. Eg. Merikosken Laulun lauluyhtye.

2. floor

18–22 CRYO ry: role playing game and tabletob game stand.

18–22 Book selling.

18.00 Publication of Kaltio magazine’s Atte Kalajoki 100 years issue. Editor Paavo J. Heinonen, author Mikko Kalajoki. At piazza, with Atte Kalajoki exhibition.

19–20 Reading Taikurin hattu novel. The book by beloved Tove Jansson will be read aloud at youth dept. In Finnish.

3. floor, Provincial collection room

18–22 Amiga-gaming. Suomen Amiga-käyttäjät ry. http://saku.amigafin.org

Follow and share your experiences of the library Arts’ Night in Twitter and Instagram with tags #oulunkirjasto #ouluntaiteidenyö.



Oulun City Theatre
Kaarlenväylä 2

Photo exhibition by Kati Leinonen. In the lobby of the large stage.

16–19 Wardrobe flea market. In the downstairs lobby.

17.00 Poika Mancini band. The group from the September premiere play performs new arrangements of Kauko Röyhkä songs, about 25 min.

18.00–18.30 Yksiöön en äitee ota – open rehearsal. At the small stage, in Finnish. Free tickets to be picked up at theatre ticket counter.

21.00 Yölinnun laulu villi. Toppilan Laulustudio performs poems by P. Mustapää composed by Kaj Chydenius. On stage are Mari Vuoritie, Pekka Elsilä, Janne Raudaskoski, Mikko Salmi and Hannu Sirén. In theatre restaurant, about 60 min.

22.30, 23.00, 23.30, 24.00 Dance/shadow/performance. Jarkko Lehmus performs for about 15 minutes at a time on the theatre roof, shadows cast on the stage tower wall.


Starting point at city theatre

17.30–19.00 Fine Arts Trail. Oulu Artists’ association arts trail begins at the photo exhibit of Kati LEinonen in the theatre main stage lobby. From there, we walk to the window exhibit at Oulun Osuuspankki (Isokatu 14), where comic artist Harri Filppa presents his work. Next, to Katoppa-asukastupa (Kauppurienkatu 23), where Kari Holma tells about his exhibit ”Kulttuurikohteita uudessa Oulussa ja sen ympäristökunnissa”. From there, via window exhibits at Oulun Uusi Muoti to Valve gallery (Hallituskatu 7) with Oulu Artists’ Association annual exhibition “Siksi” displaying 20 artists, and to Galleria 5 and ARTo (Hallituskatu 5) for Jouko Korkala exhibition and opening of the renewed arts shop. Hanna Schroderus guides, you can hop along wherever you wish!


Oulu Marketplace

16–22 Oulu Folk Soiree. Several bands and groups playing folk music in varying forms.


Aitta 16, Oulu Marketplace

11–20 Paper workshop. Bookmarks, paper flowers and envelopes from recycled materials. Material cost 5 €. Oulu artesans behind the shop’s products present, displaying their own recycling work.


Aitta 19
Oulu Marketplace

18–21 Latentia mundos. Video and sound installation by artists Helena Kaikkonen and Dave Lawrence exhibited for three hours. Duration 10 minutes.


Oulu Marketplace

18–20 Poetry Soup Cannon. Oulun Vihreät – OVI ry deals out food for body and soul, vegetable soup and poetry. Some reciters have been prebooked, but the eaters have also a chance to read out a poem or two.


Kiikeli CANCELLED!!!

18–20 VärinäVärinä. Paintings from silence, the fountain of creativity. Vedic Art artists’ joint exhibit, also Vedic Art teachers present. Sari Moilala, Riikka Kontio, Anne Vanhapiha, Tuovi Gumpler, Jaana Kokko, Pirita Kiljunen.


Behind Kiikeli

05.00–05.45 (pe) Finnegans Wake – the final paragraph. Paavo J. Heinonen reads the world classic in its original language. The audience is reminded of the silence inherent in the listener’s role.


Petrellin Saluuna (K18!)
Rantakatu 4

20.30 Irish Music Jam. Join us for a lively Night of the Arts with live traditional Irish music and dancing at Petrellin Saluuna. Everyone welcome to join the fun! Tule mukaan musisoimaan tai vain iloisesta tunnelmasta nauttimaan. The Irish festival of Oulu.


PROTO design market
Pakkahuoneenkatu 5

16–22 Designtori 2014. Quality design and crafts. Open Friday 22nd 16–21, Saturday 23.8. 11–16. Popup café serves Arts’ Night guests.

18.30 and 20.00 Tunnelmointia runoin ja sävelin. Poems of Eero Räisänen read by the poet himself and sung by Markku Kemppainen. About 20 minutes each performance.

19.00 Fashion Show. Non Boutique & KIKS.


Pakkahuoneenkatu 5

14–24 Popup Art. Anttis Kaarlela and Kairakari exhibit their photographic series ”Ihmisen tarpeet” (Kairakari) and ”Sukupolvia” ja ”Suomalaisia kuvia” (Kaarlela). Video works ”Liekki” (Kairakari), ”Another day in the life of a PAINTER” (Kaarlela/Kairakari). Music. Open whole week 18.–24.8., 14–21 daily.


Cultural House Valve
Hallituskatu 7

12–24 Valve Arts’ Night

Oulu Comics Centre

12–21 Centre Open. With a floor taping workshop.

14–16 Drawing Desk. For children and the youth. Drawing, colouring and all things cut-and-paste.

17.45 Olipa kerran Kustavissa… (OBS! Isokatu 14, outside Osuuspankki) Harri Filppa presents his window exhibition.

18.00 Vernissage:”Thesis of Evil originals" by Mikko Jylhä.

19.00 Film screening: Dr Professor’s Thesis of Evil. In the 2nd floor lobby, about 20 minutes. http://www.thesisofevil.com/

21–24 Open Window. Private event, entrance requires a password.

Café Minttu

Café open till 23.

17.30 Eripura. Music.

18.15 Kunni Kaspala & Taiteen Tuho. Hymns in a different way.

20.00 Staalinin urut: Kuulema 11. Mixing modern vocal music and freejazz.

21.15 Tuhnajantie. A miniature work by EK Naiset of Dance School Cross Move Company. About 20 minutes.

21.45 Otra. Music from Finnish tradition and more recent stuff.

22.30 Rommakko. Folk’n’roll group from Oulu.

23.15 Heikki Mikael trio. New songs and a new lineup.


19.00 Flow Circus presents: Pinta – Salla Hakanpää.  About 40 min, tickets 20/15 €.

Northern Photographic Centre Gallery

10–23 Karoliina Paappa: A Girl and a Tiger; Kati Leinonen: Reflections.

Studio Cinema

15, 16, 17, 18 Children’s films. Wordless Czechoslovakian animations, free entry! Screenings every full hour.

19.00 Wetlands. Dir. David Wnendt, Germany 2013, 105 min. 7 €.

22.15 Short Films. Oulu premiere of ”Oi, vielä jää” (7 min) and ”Edgarin laulu” (4 min) by Joonas Ranta. (Start time estimate, shown during pauses at café Minttu.)

23.00 IIK!! Horror short competition compilation. Animations from past years, about 20 minutes. (Start time estimate, shown during pauses at café Minttu.)


ARTo Arts shop
Hallituskatu 5

19–21 Vernissage at the expanded shop.

Madetoja park

16–18 Improvisation theatre jam. Open for all, whether you’re a first timer or experienced! Cancelled in heavy rain.


Oulu Cathedral

21.00 Arts’ Night Bach concert. Gabriella Jani (HUN) soprano, Péter Marosvári organ, Sinikka Ala-Leppilampi violin, Regina Hamarikivi oboe.


Galleria Harmaja
Torikatu 22

11–20 Pekka Vesterinen: paintings.


Café Rooster
Torikatu 26

20.00 Komediapatteri goes art! The standup comics of Oulu have a laugh. With any luck, so does the audience. Probably mostly in Finnish.


Finnkino Plaza
Torikatu 32

Siirin päivät VII. A film event in honour of Siiri Angerkoski.

9.00 Pekka Puupää kesälaitumilla. Armand Lohikoski 1953, 90 min. In Finnish, no subtitles.

15.30 Opening words

15.40 Jaana Kahra interviewed

16.20 Kultainen kaulin -award

17.00 Kari Uusitalo: Eine Laine valkokankaalla. A presentation in Finnish.

17.30 Taas tapaamme Suomisen perheen. T. J. Särkkä 1959, 99 min. Film in Finnish

19.10 Kari Uusitalo: Masa Niemi 100 vuotta. A presentation in Finnish.


Albertinkatu 6

11–21 With Lighter Wings in Arts’ Night. The shop open until 9 PM, handmade jewelry, paintings and cards by Ruskaenkeli and Anne Rintala.


Café Kamu at Kumppanuuskeskus
Isokatu 47

18–20 Night of Majakovski. The Oulu chapter of Finnish-Russian association hosts a soiree with Vladimir Vladimirovits Majakovski as main guest. Also a samovar. Mostly in Finnish, Russian speakers available.


Ateljé Mulukku / Galleria Kooma
Tarkka-ampujankatu 14, Heinäpää

20.00 Kooma Pop Up Shop and painting sale of Lauri Ahtinen

21.00 Poetry disko. Lonkku-Ile and Rabias Toffee – Unhuuden vadelmia; Miki Liukkonen reads his new poems; Kari Miettunen, toughest man in Heinäpää; Jere Vartiainen, Poetry Slam Finnish champion 2014; The Men of Ateljé Mulukku.

22.00 Special (needs) afterparty, perhaps.


Oulun Pentecostal congregation
Uusikatu 78

17–20 Painting workshop “Colours of Cultures”. A multicultural engagement where we use acrylic paints to get in touch with other cultures. Chiefly for children, but everybody’s welcome.


Restaurant Puistola
Pakkahuoneenkatu 15

16–20 Art by Riikka Soininen and dresses by Chic / Outi Sulkala. In the cellar.

18–20 Ari Paulow. Signing and selling his detective novels and adventure books.

19.00 Juuni & Olkimaa. Rhythmic elovena pop.

20.00 Kaltio and literature. Mikko Kalajoki reads his new novel 3 tärkeintä asiaa and editor Paavo J. Heinonen presents the latest issue of cultural magazine Kaltio, dedicated to Atte Kalajoki.

16–21 Pop-Up Champagne Bar. In the cellar floor.

Also Street Dance show-up performances during the night!



16–17 Oulu Conservatory light music summer concert.

17–18 Jamppa Tuominen singalong karaoke. Jamppa Fan Club.
If it rains, the two above will be canceled

18.00 OAS – good feeling, better swing! Pelimanni music. About 30 min.

Other places

12–22 Olennaistamo. Discussions about important things. Write a letter to a future Oulu resident. Give a medal to whoever deserves one. Most conversationalists in Finnish, check for their language skills! At the crossing of Kirkkokatu and Kauppurienkatu.

18.45 Droichead Irish band with Irish Dance Oulu group. Irish music and dance performance. Somewhere near Rotuaarin Pallo.

20.00 Owla – Dance adventure. In front of Oluthuone Leskinen.


Oluthuone Leskinen
Kirkkokatu 10

15–02 Milla Miihkinen: Marilynia ja maisemia. Popup arts exhibit.


Restaurant Istanbul Oriental
Kauppurienkatu 11 

12–16 Coyoacán's Mural of the Dead. Day of the Dead happens the 2nd of November in Mexico, and it has had a remarkable impact in many ways on foreign countries. This event brings a free-workshop that would be divided in two sections. The first part will be a 45 min introduction (in English) about the tradition of the ”Day of the dead” and how it works in Mexico. It will help our participants to get some inspiration and background. For the second part Coyoacán Restaurant will bring different materials (feel free to also bring some materials of your own). With those materials we will create a representation about the ”Day of the dead” in a 2D format (it could be paper also carton or fabric among other possibilities). the artists must considered that their creations will be added to a big collage on the wall of the new restaurant that will open in Novembe. Their creations will be exposed for the whole month and they will be free to pick their creation back home in December. On the patio.

19.00 Dance, Oriental poetry and small stories. Evening continues inside the restaurant.


Andante Oy
Kirkkokatu 17 B 22, 4 krs.

19.00 The Waiting Room: ENAMESTEG. Video/performance bringing three different persons and pieces of their worlds into single space. Also the 20th birthday celebration of Andante.


45 Special (K18!)
Saaristonkatu 12

20–22 Battle of Bands. 20.00 From the Void, 21.00 We See Dead People. Door service charge 2,50 €.

22–04 Taiteiden yön / auki on disko. Entry 2,50 € + door charge 2,50 €.



20.30–22.00 Oulu Space Jam Collective. Plays an improvised space rock jam. Accompanied by painting and dance. If it rains, in the Etu-Lyötty railroad bicycle underpass (“Madetojan huilu”).


Mäkelininkatu 29

12–24 Uutisista hyvää iltaa – the final noise of the exhibition. Art by Petri Ruotsalainen, noise and electronic ambience provided by Elektroninen patologianlaitos, Tungsten, Sottaaja, Laitos.


Taito Shop Maakari
Rautatienkatu 11 B

18–23 Night of the Black Himmelis. Possibility to build a himmeli (materials cost 30 €) or an organza ring (materials cost 10 €) , shop open with offers until 11 PM. Taito Pohjois-Pohjanmaa ry.


Hallituskatu 0

19.00–? Rhythm Underpass 2014. Percussion jam.


Never Grow Old (K18!)
Hallituskatu 23–27

21–02 Club Bamako. African Music Night, Banana Beat dj’s and dj Rusane. Rhythm Troupe Uh ja Ah drumming live 21 and 23. African dance.


Hallituskatu 11

17–21 Fairly Artistic Bags. Tune your own bag or get a new one from the shop and tune that one. Some of the tuning elements at the shop are free, some have a small charge.


Snellmanin puisto

17.00–20.30 Free Access Life – dance and living on a picnic. Esteetön ry and rapper FUTO organising.

17.00 Free Access dance

19.00 Free Access dance performance: Kurkiaura lentää kohti syksyä!

23.00–23.20 ”Visionality: The Legacy of Mr. Snellman. Tarinoita tiskivuorelta.” Saha and Näpänkangas present.


Nuclear Nightclub (K18!)
Uusikatu 23

19–22 Jesse Heikkinen terrace jam.

22–04 Nuke Homodisco Arts’ Night Special. 7/4 €. Jukka Takalo and Impivaara live. DJ Illyana on decks.


Galleria kajaste
Kajaaninkatu 25

15.30–20.00 Croisements / Kohtaamisia. Exhibition by French artists: Vincent Descotils, Charlotte Herben, Agnes Maitrejean, Veronique Maury.


Snooker Time (K18!)
Asemakatu 28

20.00 Music Videos from Oulu Oululaisia musiikkivideoita. OMVF.

21.00 Sound Kitchen – music videos.

22.00 The Georgies, Alexander in Paris duo. Music from Raahe.


Restaurant Yöhuikka (K18!)
Mäkelininkatu 13

22–04 Monimuotoista, upiaa pin uppia! A photo exhibition by Martu Väisänen, modern pin up images. Door charge 2 €.


Oulu centre bars and cafés (K18!)
Here and there

18.00 BarHopping. The Magicians of Oulu perform close-up magic.


Around town
Follow the movement in facebook

Portrait Spotting. Jussi Hukkanen paints and draws a life model.


Bring Your skill and talent to Oulu Arts Night 2014!

Oulu Arts Night - Oulun taiteiden yö presents people with the variety of cultural activities going on in Oulu region. Taking place on Thursday 21st of August, the event invites everyone to bring their music, poetry, theatre, art or any kind of performance to be on show.

So, if You have a band or play solo, if You have a dance act or a theatre piece, if You write and wish Your voice to be heard, do not hesitate to contact us. In Oulu Arts Night, we welcome professional artists and amateurs alike, to celebrate the city's vibrant cultural scene.

Our aim is to make Oulu, and especially the downtown area, a place where everyone can feel like home and where arts and culture are at easy reach. That is why almost all the events and performances during Arts Night are free of charge. A number of events also take place outside, in parks like Hupisaaret and Mannerheiminpuisto, so You can just come and go as You wish, from one thing to the next. Also, the Art Museum, the Museum of Cultural History, City Library and the art galleries will be open late.

Previous years have seen events ranging from classical music to harcore punk rock aerobics, from poetry slam to interactive computer art, from zen meditation classes to comics workshops and more. So, even if You don't feel like performing Yourself, there will be activities and performances worth coming to see.
If You wish to have Your act included in the Juhlaviikot printed programme, get in touch no later than June 30th. Submissions missing that deadline will be published and marketed on the website and posters.

You can also just turn up during the Arts Night and produce a spontaneous performance.

Just e-mail us at ouluntaiteidenyo (a) gmail.com with the following information:

1. Name of event:

2. Location:

3. Time:

4. Organiser(s):

5. Short description:

6. Entry fee (if any):

7a. Contact person:
7b. Phone:
7c. Email:

8. Demographic (choose applicable):
a) All ages
b) Family event
c) Children and/or young people
d) K 15
e) K 18

Paavo J. Heinonen
Artistic Director, Oulun taiteiden yö ry
044 250 1605